Sinuokeweiershi makes public contest to display love to be in tandem " Wuhan is cheered "

Electric world Si Nuo overcame Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on Feburary 11 association announced itinerate contest and world profession billiards and Sinuoke a few days ago, to express the support of pneumonic to new coronal of Chinese beat back epidemic situation, sinuokeweiershi surpasses every publicly to produce one lever single pole to defeat 100, send the contribute money of 1000 pound.

Cambria of 2020 Si Nuo gram make public contest to came 16 days to be held in Cambria Ka Difu on Feburary 10 local time, share 129 players to attend. Cambria is surpassed publicly is the Sinuoke with most long history one of matches, during match of previous term or session

, player people join forces contributes the 81 lever that write down sheet to defeat 100.

Cambria surpasses first days of match publicly to had opened contest, on the advertisement column by ball stage, also hit the catchword that Wuhan of Come On Wuhan cheers.

Baliheen of chairman of contest of itinerate of world Si Nuo gram and world profession billiards and Si Nuo overcome association chairman Jiesenfugesen to express in statement: Our heart fastens China each new coronals are pneumonic patient, and the people that suffers epidemic situation effect, the colleague that there is a lot of in them is our close friend, have a common goal and the partner of stand together regardless of situation.

Through be in China year answer one year the ground runs multinomial match, we are hot already fall in love with this Chinese land, also build a lot of success and close connection. The epidemic situation that shows level makes all person place that get an effect not easy, we must use up oneself the greatest effort comes to China of help, support people.

In this difficult period, we hope to be able to encourage each patients to maintain courage with this, continue brave and active ground is right!

On January 30, contribution of north of Xiang Hu of Ding Junhui's couple 100 thousand yuan. Liang Wenbo also is in him the 7500 pound premium that Si Nuo captured large award surpass gain 2020 is contributed


In addition, get new hat influence of pneumonic epidemic situation, come to was held on April 5 on March 30 formerly world Si Nuo overcame China to make public contest to will be deferred 2020 hold, date is uncertain. (reporter Zheng Zhi)

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