Lake person conquer digs gold Zhanmusi struggle hard heavy of 42 minutes of 32+12+14 33 minutes

Lake person conquer digs gold Zhanmusi struggle hard heavy of 42 minutes of 32+12+14 33 minutes

Beijing time on Feburary 13, lake person is in advocate the win by a narrow margin when 120-116 of field of field settle or live in a strange place is added digs gold. Le Bulang - Zhanmusi hit 42 minutes, 29 cast 15 in take 12 bank 14 secondary attack, full-court only 3 error.

This is lake person last match before complete star, le Bulang leaves bureau hit strongly, see adversary does not include mix, swipe of decisive choice holding, successive breakthrough forbidden zone notchs. Nevertheless lake person is in besides forbidden zone jump cast do not have feel from beginning to end, dig gold or exceeded score very quickly instead.

Le Bulang also feeds a ball to teammate ceaselessly, cooperate to be received for nothing with Davis, the Ladeli that aid cloth strikes back on basket. Although lake person is chased after for a time in second half section close, but integral aggression is not tall still. Le Bulang gets 3 bank first times 6 minutes 3 secondary attack, although comprehensive, but position of lake person whole group is smaller fan.

The 2nd leaves bureau, kucima and Lebulang hit the target 3 minutes continuously, he breaks through 9 minutes of 35 seconds again attract defend aid a Pu Biao to enter room 3 minutes. But dug gold to also make a response in exterior line. Be in refuse to budge when, davis finds position in planted agent, how to hit how to have, le Bulang also drives rhythm after regression, although move 3 times to was not entered continuously, but he hits final before half of a game or contest ends round to press the basket on chirp to still be caused foul.

Lake person is attacked this eventually free

from worry, le Bulang half of a game or contest takes 5 bank 6 secondary attack. The second half opens bureau Le Bulang with respect to secondary attack Glyn is hit into 3 minutes, subsequently his him breakthrough buckles basket to pull open cent difference to two digit energetically. He this is buckled draw full-court in an uproar, because of effort as if greatly want basket of shake broken basket.

Dan Gelan is special strange very fast side digs peace treaty radical gold is chased after again smooth, two teams continue refuse to budge, and after Le Bulang end r

ests, dug gold to exceed score instead, after be being hit to explode by Mu Lei, le Bulang enters the court afresh, but did not help lake person break up after all.

Nature of person of minor details lake needs him to live firmly more condition, le Bulang grabs next backboard to initiate quick attack to go up to basket notchs and be caused in 10 minutes of 05 seconds foul, after time-out, general of wave of his secondary attack is hit into 3 minutes, 8 minutes of 58 seconds strike back again the breakthrough is procurable. Subsequently he secondary attack Davis hits the target room 3 minutes, he grinds 7 minutes of 31 seconds to defy into the prep against below basket hardship notchs again, dig gold to be forced to call halt.

He is done not have too much rest opportunity, because lake person aggression cannot leave him. Finally 3 minutes, of Davis defended lake person hope, 2 minutes of 54 seconds cut Le Bulang to fall into basket procurable, subsequently Davis fills basket hits the target, and he aids the basket on Kalusuo to notch in 1 minute of 43 seconds again. The moment of truth straps Braun none be irresolute when firmness is needed, 1 minute of 14 seconds are broken through again notch, dig gold to be chased after closely still however do not put, le Bulang is final 1.9 seconds jump cast do not enter, the match is entered when adding.

Le Bulang is hit very much desperately, fall down for save for a time in the contest when adding roll, knee nearly gets hurt. And Davis of two his secondary attack hits the target dry unplug 3 minutes, pass a ball to hesitate none to teammate. Get victory of lake person hardship, leaning also is Lebulang and Davis the complete dictate that prevents to attacking.

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