Sun Yang case announces a result 28 days what pulls eventuate of hearing of Sun Yang incident so long

Sun Yang case announces a result 28 days what pulls eventuate of hearing of Sun Yang incident so long

Local time on Feburary 27, international sports arbitration tribunal (CAS) announce, will be in local time on Feburary 28 morning at 10 o'clock (Beijing time at 17 o'clock) Sun Yang is announced in its official net arbitral result. This is meant, the hearing November 15, 2019 will have a verdict eventually.

The result of a hearing, after why wanting to pull 3 months does after why wanting to pull 3 months, ability announce?

Last year on November 15, CAS in Switzerland Mengtele holds public hearing, and requirement of Ying Sunyang field is held with open to the public form, this also is the sports court that established 1984 hind, open a hearing the 2nd times to the public.

On the hearing, sun Yang strives through all sorts of striving for blameless, after the hearing ends, sun Yang also carries authoritative medium exposure that evening detail, detect at that time through video and literal card palpability personnel does not have aptitude, oneself did not appear so called force fights check.

As a result of the characteristic of this hearing, international sports arbitration tribunal stems from precise manner, did not announce hearing result on the spot, and decide all testimony data that severe careful both sides provides. And asked on December 10 both sides is offerred again note.

Later, of the result announce time by postpone again and again, say the beginning of the year is announced at the beginning, later remit to in January the middle ten days of a month, international sports arbitration tribunal appeared to forget a result announce, do not have any wanting that announce the sign of the result tardy.

And before this, also be postponed even the hearing again and again.

Be in the 2nd times before the hearing, sun Yang has attended a hearing, that the hearing is to decide Sun Yang is innocent, this also makes Sun Yang is able to attend the world that held in Korea in year last year to swim tounament.

Nevertheless, the world turns over organization of a shot in the arm to be not approbated to this one result, because of the 2nd hearing with respect to unavoidable. The 2nd hearing that holds on September formerly, because of the reason of 3 party of WADA, brought about a hearing to delay two months full, just hold formally till November 15.

Do not announce tardy to the result, the explanation that international sports arbitration tribunal gives out is, sun Yang's hearing encountered translation problem, need both sides provides the testimony that approbates jointly, the complete testimony that includes him Sun Yang, make the basis that adjudicates reference as arbitral group with this.

Except the interpreter the problem affects a case to hear plan, case nature is complex also be the main reason that the influence adjudges as a result. Media ever was analysed, sun Yang case is not put in who to take medicine and the issue that whether take by accident.

Argumentative focus is attaint sample and detect staff capacity, maintain Sun Yang to whether be violated compasses, how to maintain WADA the regulation is reasonable, retreat 10 thousand paces to although Sun Yang is violated,say compasses, standard of measurement of penalty wheres, this is a path difficult problem, have a bit inadvertent, made arbitral kill is taken hard numerous.

Outside dividing translation problem and case difficulty, probably case influence also is a main reason.

Sun Yang incident, the attention that got major media and sports organize the whole world, CAS must consider the impact that brings possibly as a result seriously. From now on in light of the circumstance before, international swim couplet supports Sun Yang, and the world turns over a shot in the arm to organize however of one mind wants to undertake banning contest to Sun Yang only.

The world turns over a shot in the arm to organize Ceng Ming to make known his position truly, if Sun Yang wins the lawsuit, so the world will turn over what a sho

t in the arm organizes a set to detect henceforth the process will occur very about-face, they are the following turn over a shot in the arm to detect the job will be extremely difficult.

If Sun Yang wins the lawsuit, turn over a shot in the arm to organize an influence to see one spot to the world. And to Sun Yang, once its lose a lawsuit, be equal to adjudge its to retire directly, the honor that accumulates before this even international figure has by the likelihood of capsize. In the meantime, swimming to China also is a very big blow.

No matter result how, believing this second result will be the conclusion that CAS reachs through thinking cautiously.

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