Because kick white man buttock to become a hero,Helsinki of Olympic Games legend dies because of new coronal

Because kick white man buttock to become a hero,Helsinki of Olympic Games legend dies because of new coronal

Beijing time on April 15 message, according to Cyclingnews website report, had attended the bicycle hand of Helsinki Olympic

Games agreed 1952 - Fanamuyin new coronal is pneumonic on infection, leave the world unfortunately, all the year round is 89 years old. Besides give battle to cross the Olympic Games, fanamu still is a bicycle hero, he broke white man player to thing of American cycle track regnant.

Fanamu is born in the Barbados island of Caribbean, begin to play the game when 10 years old, very fast his bicycle endowment is shown, the victory is won in Caribbean area by right of tactical comprehension and individual ability, win the match championship of 8 the West Indieses.

Obtained the Olympic Games to take part in the match 1952 qualification, he gives fight 1952 Helsinki Olympic Games, he played two games, did not win medal, but depend on the identity of the first Barbados person that joins the Olympic Games,was record in annals. After the Olympic Games ends, fanamu moved new York, pursue the full-time job of communication industry by day, off hours continues to train the match.

Be worth what carry is, did not obtain the Fanamu of medal in the Olympic Games, a civilian hero of famous was become after going to the United States, as player of bicycle of a brown cutaneous, he is in this by the motion of dominant of white man athlete in, won American bicycle is allied 1955 championship of new York state, 1956 and 1957 defend champion title, the nonwhite player of champion is wo

n first since becoming 50 years, also be the first place takes 3 nonwhite athletes of Lian Guan.

And the spirit that Fanamu breaks monopoly of white man player also cheered a lot of people, a lot of car hands inspect him to be God, member of hall of celebrity of bicycle of champion of 3 Olympic Games, United States Jackie - Ximeisi say: I remember him filling the match on half miles of runway of the meadow in old farad, his figure is lofty and big and tall. Cloth of member of hall of champion of two Olympic Games, celebrity is strange - Martin praises: He is a civilian hero absolutely, if you are recollected,go up century the bicycle of 50 time moves, the end that plays a white man can be an important matter, fanamu was accomplished, accordingly he has one swarm epigone.

Give fight on behalf of the United States the Francis of the player that be not descendants of the Olympic Games once had said 1960, in a match the player develops the turning that tilts into, fanamu possesses the processing skill that makes a person fab, he controls a bicycle all the time when turn, someone else was not accomplished.

Coronal of make a fresh start is pneumonic since epidemic situation erupts, many sports player by diagnose, even someone leaves the world, pearson of Barbados dash famous general because infection new coronal is pneumonic,die, he also is the first Olympic Games player that affects new coronal to die, still have Italian Sabiya, he is player of the first Olympic Games final that because new coronal is pneumonic,dies.

Original title: Because kick white man buttock to become heroic responsibility editor,legend of 89 years old of Olympic Gameses dies because of new coronal: Li Xiaoling