Heng Daxin football ground appears will become the first field of world 12 billion! Hold 100 thousand person

Heng Daxin football ground appears will become the first field of world 12 billion! Hold 100 thousand person

On April 16, guangzhou constant big football ground is formal start working, lin Daoping of Wen Guohui of Guangzhou city mayor, deputy mayor, xia Haijun of Xu Jiayin of chairman of bureau of director of constant big group, president, and trainer of Guangzhou constant big club

and player attend start working ceremony.

According to constant big president Xia Haijun introduces, guangzhou constant big football ground borders stand south Guangzhou, always invest 12 billion, cover an area of about 150 thousand square metre, total floor area makes an appointment with 300 thousand square metre, can accommodate be as high as 100 thousand person. Will make according to world top level, make world scale the biggest, class highest, form a complete set content of the most complete, science and technology the international with highest, most seating is top class and professional football ground, the complete before planning to be by 2022 is devoted use, make the bid of world-class new ground that rivals Sydney opern, Dibaihalifada, also be the important sign of world of Chinese football strike.

To ensure field appears Jing colourful world, constant did a large number of pre-construction before sharing contest prize greatly. August 2016, announce formally when Guangzhou in south after professional football ground is being planned near the station, constant is big invite 8 when come from the country such as the United States, Germany, England, Australia top class Great Masters for a short while, devise 10 several plan early or late, plan of Hasan.A.Syed of top class Great Master of final United States wins out.

The reporter shows a place to see, the elliptical model that with abroad top class field introduces generally is different, guangzhou constant big football ground blossoms with lotus to design a concept, highlight full-bodied Chinese culture characteristic, become beautiful city Guangzhou on behalf of field already permanent blooming urban calling card, also the implied meaning is worn Chinese football has high-minded and tough quality and style, contend for on international arena strange bottle colourful. Mass-tone moves the golden red that uses broil heat, this is medium not only the line that transcends line of number one Guangzhou takes look, also be this Guangzhou football the delegate of the first city is lubricious.

On the base that has football ground of FIFA standard major, guangzhou constant big football ground sets 16 VVIP between the bag, between 152 VIP bag, area of international sufficient couplet, athlete area, media division, news issues the top class form a complete set such as hall, to undertake of all kinds high level, high frequency second match provides sufficient safeguard. In addition, still planned the condition of 8 great undertaking such as recreation of cate of children world, international, culture, athletic sports 122 category, will introduce 380 many domestic and international famous brands, make class the most complete, person enrages highest, category most the sports culture synthesis of flourishing.

Be worth what carry is, to make field of the most perfect world top class major, xu Jiayin pour into a large number of painstaking effort, conceive an idea personally, amend plan personally, plan personally commerce and industry condition, reflect its or to be not done again, should do do work best style.

According to statistic, our country is at present only 7 professional football grounds, and the field with the biggest dimensions can contain a number only 40 thousand person, as bigger than difference as photograph of world football powerful nation, satisfy hard undertake international the requirement of match of top class soccer. The spot discloses Xia Haijun, constant still will be in greatly countrywide reconstructive 3-5 can hold 10 thousand people of 8-10 exceed large and professional football ground.

Of the party 18 big since, the Party Central Committee the main task that revitalizes a football to regard development as powerful nation of sports of athletic sports, construction. Analytic personage thinks, facilities of football ground land is the fundamental sex project that Chinese football promotes, constant is big energetically football ground of layout world top class major, farther promotion infrastructure of our country football builds a level, ascend at an early date for Chinese football body world top-ranking power, dream of implementation sports powerful nation makes p

ositive contribution.

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