Tokyo Olympic Games defers project of American Olympic Games to fall firewood cuts down the member of persons employed break assistance to be hit

Washington of Xinhua News Agency report fell on May 24 firewood cuts down the member of persons employed, the match cancels, lose allowance of assistance, application

In new coronal concussion of pneumonic epidemic situation falls, industry of almost all sports experienced labor pains. If say professional sports Shang Nengle of the United States tightens pants chatelaine to be maintained forcedly, the Olympic Games project of that United States is in of epidemic situation dark clouds envelop below, after be being deferred in Tokyo Olympic Games especially, those who be faced with is more difficult unfavorable situation.

Before counting a day, american Olympic committee and decision of incomplete Olympic committee reduce 51 post, s

till notify 33 employee temporarily off, although this does not mean all employee that involve,meet unemployed, but there had been tens of people before this in order to buy outright form and end an agreement of American Olympic committee, because of this one unemployment current scale has comparatived giant, last American Olympic committee undertakes so large-scale cut down the member of persons employed, even restrospect to 2008 financial crisis period.

In addition, include Xi Lande of conspicuous of presiding apparitor Sara inside American Olympic committee is in charge of collective high to fall firewood, among them pay will reduce him Hexilande this year 20% , this a series of decisions are for the help reduce the cost that association runs this year, the word that uses Hexilande will tell, cut down the member of persons employed let a person feel special sadness, but economic situation is very difficult, we are in impossibly a few this problem is solved inside Zhou Zhi, this needs the time of a few months to answer.

Of come to an agreement or understanding Tokyo Olympic Games was done not have this year, to American Olympic committee and project of each Olympic Games it is serious blow. All through the ages of American Olympic committee is managed independently, assume sole responsibility for its profits or losses, an Olympic Games is periodic most profitable a particular year is an Olympic Games for certain year, especially summertime Olympic Games. In Liyaoao carry can hold 2016, the income of American Olympic committee is 340 million dollar, more than the income 2015 gave near 200 million dollar. If next year of Tokyo Olympic Games is held as scheduled, originally in the small bag that media copyright and sponsor capital still can hold American Olympic committee, but American Olympic committee puts forward to warn last month, if the Olympic Games is deferred later still cancel, to American Olympic motion will produce very serious consequence.

American Olympic committee has prepared hard time, of its subordinate tens of member association need not be carried more. According to statistic, came this year in Feburary between June, these association always are shared amount to thousands of match to be forced to cancel, because cancel predi

ction of a person's luck in a given year of the match, assistance and membership due to stop capture, association adds up to the loss exceeds 100 million dollar. These same need are managed independently, the project government institute of assume sole responsibility for its profits or losses feels pressure early, began to cut down the member of persons employed, compulsive and off and fall of firewood but save oneself.

Will tell commonly, the income that American Olympic committee banner leaves all society one year is total can reach several dollars, this and weathy professional match cannot place on a par at all, on the income of large alliance of rugger of profession of sports season United States and beautiful duty basket all exceeds 8 billion dollar, year of income of team of basketball of a beautiful duty can reach several dollars. Face epidemic situation likewise, professional alliance endures on one fist, still have strength to spare, and the association of Olympic Games project of above of half the number is annual income also is in millions of dollars, the ability that answers the crisis affirms inadequacy.

Epidemic situation is true to the influence of project association true be sure to, and very critical. Be in at the moment, the capital of a lot of association have too many problems to deal with. Hexilande says.

Cloth of family of two association chairman says American winter helplessly: Although still do not have which association to go bankrupt because of epidemic situation really, but the amortize space that association of these Olympic Games project answer epidemic situation is very little, much is business with a small capital among them, income channel is onefold, very rare association has add additionally control a route.

American bicycle association year all income restrains 15 million dollar, gain relies on basically to hold the cost signing up of the commitment fee that the match obtains and athlete. Did not have the match, also decided money way. So medium like bicycle association slant large project association also can be forced to choose cut down the member of persons employed only during epidemic situation, the place of other association cans be imagined. In addition, as a result of Tokyo Olympic Games defer, each association takes from American Olympic committee this year all sorts of allocating funds that also decrease acute. According to statistic, total of staff of association of subordinate of American Olympic committee 4000 more than person, an epidemic situation comes down, probably a lot of people should lose job.

Because epidemic situation is in the United States to spread ceaselessly, american economy also is sufferring more and more serious blow. To carry brace up economy, the United States rolled out pay to protect a plan, sports project association is qualified also help to this money offers application. According to the not complete count of the media before this, the project society that has about 70% offerred application, the governmental minister fund that wins approval in all is 12 million dollar about. For example, american ski association is 2.5 million dollar about, american natant association is 1.6 million dollar, american badminton institute is only 75 thousand dollar, the allowance that major association applies for is hundred thousands of dollar. American bicycle association did not announce specific figure, but it is OK to express hold together all around employee wages extends and the operation expenses of the others.

The United States is world sports powerful nation, it is the overlord on summertime Olympic Games more. Epidemic situation is in the United States long, large-scale transmission, after to the management of association of Olympic Games project the level produces an effect, can continue to be conducted downward without doubt, ultimate effect puts the athlete that the Olympic Games dreams to thousands of bosom that spreads all over each projects.

The training capital deficient that brings because of epidemic situation, training field is lacked and safeguard not to be pooh-poohed and wait for consequence without the match, the Olympic Games competition ground in future also can be shown probably, a lot of athletes express them already a few months did not train normally. American Olympic committee also expresses, if cancel Tokyo Olympic Games, will cause annihilative blow to American athlete. ( of reporter Wang Ji)

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