When does Ying Chao restore empty field of the sports season below the match at least deficit 677 million pound

When does Ying Chao restore emp

ty field of the sports season below the match at least deficit 677 million pound

Pneumonic epidemic situation issues virus of new coronal shape, come to a standstill of 5 big league matches, law armour has announced to end at this point even, and although the 4 big league matches of the others restart, empty field match also is become inevitable.

Not only such, the probability of the match of league matches empty field of 2020-2021 sports season is very big also. And is this meeting brought to Ying Chaoqiu team how be affected? The BBC of British authority gave out the cash of each team lays in Ying Chao the circumstance of race day income of circumstance and each team, we also can get clean field competition from which to Ying Chao the influence of each team. What additionally need points out is, the cash reserve of graceful couplet reachs 308 million pound, rank Ying Chao first place, gunman the cash reserve of two teams compares graceful city graceful couplet is a few less.

The cash reserve of graceful couplet is as high as 308 million pound, the first rank in Ying Chao, the tower above of A Sen accept than the 2nd 140 million pound is much. The cash of graceful city lays in 130 million pound, rank 3. The cash of graceful couplet covey lays in amount with graceful city than Asenna the cash of two teams lays in amount to return many a little bit. From which we can see the cash of graceful couplet is laid in is how rich.

The cash of hot thorn lays in 123 million pound, rank 4. 4 team of above also are Ying Chaoqiu what the cash in the team lays in more than 100 million pound is exclusive 4 teams. Liverpudlian cash reserve ranks Ying Chao for 38 million pound the 7th, and Qieerxi's cash lays in 37 million pound, rank Ying Chao the 8th.

Cash lays in the ability that means team resistance risk, from which we also can see graceful couplet has fight risk ability tremendously. And through analysing the income of day of Yingchao team game, we also can reach, once Ying Chao empty field undertakes, to Ying Chaoqiu the team hits a circumstance.

Income of day of 20 teams game is Ying Chao 677 million pound, 13% what hold team gros

s earnings. Among them income of day of graceful couplet race is 111 million pound, rank the first place. The race day income of Asenna, Liverpudlian, hot thorn, Qieerxi, graceful city is respectively 96 million, 84 million, 82 million, 67 million and 55 million. Accordingly once issue the Ying Chao league matches of sports season as before empty field undertakes, the team of Yingchao of data of race day income of sports season of according to 2018-2019 can incur the loss of 677 million pound at least.

What need points out is, be in actually 2018-2019 sports season, 12 team of Ying Chao appeared deficit, if income of eliminate race day, deficit team will be more.

Original title: Doesn't the sports season below Ying Chao eliminate empty field BBC: ? Boat burns?.77 of Ma distant swiftly responsibility of 100 million pound edits: Li Xiaoling