The suspicion in one's mind of war real situation of tall red flu wraps around Sa shop employee denies tall red envenom

The suspicion in one's mind of war real situation of tall red flu wraps around Sa shop employee denies tall red envenom

Jordan is in total 1997 final the experience that the battle of the 5th flu is a paragraph of special legend, and he broadcasts in the near future " final dance " in the fight that divulges that is not what flu, be in to wrap around however in Sa envenom, this cause a mighty uproar. And be in charge of make and sending at that time wrap around the employee of Sa comes out to explain, firm say to wrap around Sa does not have a problem absolutely.

The friend according to Jordan and him discloses, they believe Jordan at that time is bromatoxism, that is not flu absolutely the symptom of other perhaps disease. Mu of Jordan's long-term training division the base of a fruit - Grover expresses, the hotel is ab extra at that time 5 people send wrap around Sa, this aroused his suspicion.

Local time Zhou Yi, one is called Keleige - phenanthrene is special still his city man is in Facebook dispatch, professing is that match night before last sends to Jordan wrap around of Sa outside one of member that sell, and wrap around also he does Sa. Phenanthrene pledges especially wrap around Sa do

es not have envenom absolutely, he returns program of broadcasting station of the first gear that be invited later.

In the program phenanthrene discloses especially, he at that time is to surely win assistant manager of the guest, and it is inn inside exclusive ox fan. Phenanthrene divulges he knows a player especially people live where, think close automatic hand is done so wrap around Sa, he is special still the stuff that follows at hand says: I do not hope your anybody is participated in come in.

Phenanthrene is special the version that outside sending to 5 people, sells undertook contradictory, he states only oneself and driver went to hotel room, grover was taken wrap around Sa, return specially to open the door let him make acoustical call with Jordan. In addition, phenanthrene claims to did not receive the information that any other clients fall ill that evening especially.

To Grover's view, phenanthrene expresses especially very unusual: That is a bullshit absolutely, if you think this is a fact, good, is there diagnostic result? Did you go seeing a doctor? Do not have, they are done so that these just are in attack by innuendo.

Phil still put forward to bring about the other possibility that Jordan falls ill: I want to remind everybody, he should smoke a lot of cigar, so the window is opened, he may not wear a shirt or vest. What everybody understands no less than, the Salt Lake City that 3-4 nods afternoon already the sun set,

air temperature pelter. How much is I do not know specific temperature, but he is possible catch a cold. If be bromatoxism really, that also is he ate anything else likely.

Phenanthrene emphasizes again especially, this wraps around Sa is done so that be no problem, he abided by relevant regulation completely, he still is entering into an election contest at that time inn is long, can have made get into trouble of each thing guarantee against seriously.

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