Double Hu Jinqiu cuts wide a tall building of male basket of Shanghai of win by a narrow margin of changeover of Zhejiang wide mansion on 5 people 38+11

Double Hu Jinqiu cuts wide a tall building of male basket of Shanghai of win by a narrow margin of changeover of Zhejiang wide mansion on 5 pe

ople 38+11

Beijing time on June 22, the first phase develops CBA intermediary heat the contention of day of the 3rd race, complete the Shanghai that the wide mansion of China class meets only foreign aid head-on. Final wide mansion with 95-90 conquer Shanghai.

The match begins, two groups leave bureau hit relatively ankylose, first hit 11-9 of half wide mansion to precede. Second half Duan Ansha blossoms at many o'clock, team hits a 6-2 to pull open score. Maikalemu is hit into 2+1 to help Shanghai bite score closely subsequently, performance of Dan Sunming badge, Hu Jinqiu is steady, cent difference is pulled open very quickly again. First end banner Shanghai of wide mansion 26-19.

Second section, wide mansion aggression is immersed in backwater, li Gen behaves force to connect 6 minutes, maikalemu also feel is dovish, shanghai takes advantage of a favorable situation much dot blossoms the aggression climax that calls a 24-8 exceeds score instead to 43-34. Wide mansion immediately pauses, suspend coming back to send force to connect 4 minutes fall why, cent of Zhao cliff Hao San is medium also, team retaliates a 7-2 to will divide difference to narrow. Section end Shanghai picks up firepower again, team relies on Maikalemu's breakthrough to pull open difference again, half of a game or contest ends backward Shanghai of wide mansion 43-51.

The second half, two groups score a hit rate all drop somewhat, 3 hit half wide mansion to lag behind 6 minutes. Grow in quantity of error of second half Duan Ansha, nevertheless Shanghai also did not seize an opportunity, 3 return remnant 1 minute bell Shanghai is banner 8 minutes. Section end wide mansion relies on force of Hu Jinqiu exert oneself to prop up only, and Shanghai blossoms at many o'clock to pull open cent difference. 3 end backward Shanghai of wide mansion 57-68.

Minor details, wide mansion sends force eventually, hu Jinqiu attacks end to behave fierce and successive notch, team blossoms at many o'clock hit a 20-7 to exceed score instead to 77-75. Second half paragraph Shanghai is strengthened defend and chase after smooth score for a time, but right now the offensive of wide mansion has been opened thoroughly, team depends on the person such as badge of Liu Zheng, Sun Ming many a little bit to blossom continue to play big score. Section end Shanghai does his utmost to seek branch and narrow difference, the moment of truth still is Hu Jinqiu come out bold

ly is hit into 2+1, 4 return remnant banner Shanghai of 90-83 of 58 seconds wide mansion. Maikalemu two punish completely medium, in bringing up Ming Xinbiao 3 minutes, shanghai returns remnant in the match 14 seconds narrow cent difference. Wide mansion occurrence error, but adversary also fails to seize an opportunity, final wide mansion with 95-90 conquer Shanghai.

Both sides head sends:

Wide mansion: Hao of Sun Ming badge, Zhao Yan, Liu Zheng, Hu Jinqiu, Su Reyu

Shanghai: Collect Xu Dong, Maikalemu, Cai Liang, Li Gen, Dong Hanlin

Original title: Hu Jinqiu chops 38+11 responsibility of Shanghai of double changeover win by a narrow margin edits on 5 people of wide mansion: Li Xiaoling