Kuerzawa renews the contract " big Paris " to horizontal data introduced Kuerzawa 2024

Kuerzawa renews the contract big Paris comes horizontal data introduced Kuerzawa 2024

Paris of Xinhua News Agency on June 29 ear of fiesta of Paris of electric law armour graceful the club announces 29 days, with team rear guard Kuerzawa is finished renew the contract, new contract will be lengthened to in June 2024.

The club is very glad that with Kuerzawa add signed an agreement of 4 years, this French full back of 27 years old will stay in Parisian fiesta ear graceful till 2024. The bus expresses in statement of government of Li Zaiyi portion.

Kuerzawa can reach big Paris at turning from Monaco team 2015, in 5 sports season in the past, his representing team comes on the stage 123 times in each match, hit into 13 balls, follow big Paris won 14 champion cup. In addition, he ever still came on the stage 13 times on behalf of French nation group.

This summer, big Paris after line of defence lost many high-ranking officer continuously. Exploit header Xierwa is about to issue Diyage sports season drop out, moniye turns can cheat especially at most heart, boast of 18 years ol

d of native land nova also decides almost on the west will join in with free player identity Bai Renmu Buddhist nun is black.

Before this, kuerzawa also with include Qieerxi and Asenna inside much home club comes out Guo Fei is heard, but it is decisive that law armour giant is returned finally take step, left this border rear guard.

That day, big Paris still announces with Diyage Mo Ting of wave of Xierwa, easy and Saierjiaolike renew the contract to end to this sports season. Although law armour league matches has ended at shifting to an earlier date by April, but these 3 players will attend the French cup by July and final of cup of French league matches along with the team, and the Europe coronal league matches August. (reporter Xiao Yazhuo)

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