Policy of intermediary heat epidemic prevention transcends in: Weekly nucleic acid detects Zhang Wenhong makes epidemic prevention adviser

Policy of intermediary heat epidemic prevention transcends in: Weekly nucleic acid detects Zhang Wenhong makes epidemic prevention adviser

8 days afternoon, china is sufficient assist media of professional league matches aerates can hold, about in exceed intermediary heat, sufficient assist gave out detailed epidemic prevention policy.

It is reported, china is sufficient assist established epidemic situation technically to prevent accuse a group, included leader of bureau of member association, sports to join an organization to work. China is sufficient assist still invited a few experts such as Zhang Wenhong to regard epidemic prevention as adviser, zhang Wenhong also sought advice when making policy.

Qi Jun of controller of epidemic prevention group expresses, we are recieved in the club, the reference such as media coverage means De Jiahe Korea, but distinguish somewhat. We are not advocate guest field, match cycle is very long also, how joining Chinese real case is very important, the controller of we and competion area talks things over together, published specific policy.

1. match epidemic prevention is prevented accused key personnel to do a key to differentiate, the most important is player and judgment, because guaze mask is not worn when their match, once affect can comparative contest to cause tremendous effect, be most core needs to protect.

Before all 2. team reach competion area 21 days should finish antibody, twice nucleic acid checks, pass a test only and submit a report, give after epidemic prevention group passes examine and verify, team ability reachs competion area.

3. is all staff member, include media to also want to undertake nucleic acid detects.

Hotel of 4. place where troops are stationed contacts personnel closely, for instance hotel clerk, chef, can follow an athlete same, enter close segregation area.

During 5. match is held, undertake to team nucleic acid detects every week, undertake antibody detects every months, player of all segregation area as much pay.

6. closes the area makes blue division, use blue certificate; Other it is green certificate.

7. competition ground also has setting of area of strict epidemic prevention, the cent inside competition ground is blue area and green division, blue gets off for the athlete anteroom, infield, this is core area, only ability of blue certificate person is entered, also partial staff member can be passed temporarily certificate undertakes discriminating entering.

The news briefing after the news briefing before 8. is surpassed and contest won't have traditional pattern, can have direct seeding and have platform of the query on the net.

9. is in the view competion area of blue bleachers, the player that does not enter match list needs to wear guaze mask, core does not need to wear guaze mask during area match.

10. enables a person to the face identifies and be measured automatically lukewarm wait for means to ensure safe.

How does the humanitarian consideration of two months do 11. ? Our early days and competion area government did development to communicate, dalian competion area appoints a hotel to be in horn of northwest of Dalian sports center, the player can be inside Dalian sports center take action, adopt make an appointment make.

Suzhou competion area appoints a hotel is villatic garden cafe, a team a building, training field also is being connected one case, area ratio is older. There is cit

izen park south, belong to blue area, can undertake loosen and be adjustmented.

Logistics safeguard also offerred a few books for team, report swims room, card is pulled Ok, tonsorial, wait for a service witho

ut osculatory express collection. (insurgent journalist Song Chengliang)

Original title: Exceed in announce policy of intermediary heat epidemic prevention: Weekly nucleic acid detects, two months whole sealing manages responsibility editor: Li Xiaoling