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Beijing time on November 25, rested 2021 Si Duishi ping surpasses proceed, final of male single 1/32, wisdom of an anticipatory actin mixes 2 date seeds, face polish Dejiasi, dozen go out unexpectedly w

ith 3-4 after 7 bureaus completely bureau. In addition, dan Yuxiao hopes and Sen Yuan politics is esteemed, also mix with 2-4 respectively 1-4 is not hostile hand.

An anticipatory actin of 2 seeds, Japan wisdom and, the 2nd wheel pair blast polish Dejiasi. Head bureau wisdom of an anticipatory actin and anticipate the enemy, what race to control comes up actively to be attacked is very fierce, take one bureau first with 11-7. An anticipatory actin of the 2nd bureau wisdom with erro

r grow in quantity, those who hit is a little impatient, fail to withstand of adversary strike back, lose with 5-11. An anticipatory actin of the 3rd bureau wisdom and seize again on field active, offensive rises to precede with 11-7 triumph 2-1 again. An anticipatory actin of the 4th bureau wisdom and be immersed in passivity again, a bit of ability of be locked in a stalemate does not fall ahull, wisdom of an anticipatory actin and suffer a defeat to be chased after to come by adversary with 6-11 2-2.

An anticipatory actin of the 5th bureau wisdom and send force once more, strengthen aggression to restrain adversary, get the better of 3-2 again with 11-6. Did not cross the 6th bureau, wisdom of an anticipatory actin is mixed is to act too hastily, advanced after score of half paragraphs of bite into, rate of success of aggression of second half bureau is average, lose cent to lose with 8-11 continuously 3-3. Both sides of bureau of decide the issue of the battle ankyloses 5-5, wisdom of an anticipatory actin and get 2 minutes of 7-5 repeatedly, situation of Dan Dejia Si Jiang counterattacks, the 10-7 after a 5-0 is exceeded. Wisdom of an anticipatory actin and after chasing 2 game ball repeatedly, still suffer a defeat finally with 9-11, total score 3-4 suffers unexpectedly.

Dan Yuxiao hopes to be opposite the Habeisong of an Austria, head bureau Dan Yuxiao hopes to be defeated by one bureau first with 8-11, the 2nd bureau wins out with 11-9 and 11-5 with the 3rd bureau 2-1 exceeds instead. Score of both sides of the 4th bureau is bitten closely 15 smooth, dan Yuxiao hopes to lose 2 minutes to be defeated with 15-17 cherish repeatedly. Dan Yuxiao of the 5th bureau hopes to miss crucial component to suffer a defeat with 9-11 again, the 6th bureau he loses with the big score of 4-11, be defeated by 2-4 of 3 bureaus total score to go out repeatedly bureau.

Huang Zhenting of battle of Chong Ying of Sen Yuan politics, before 3 bureaus suffer a defeat with 8-11, 7-11 and 4-11 early or late, although the 4th bureau overtakes one bureau with 11-6, but the 5th bureau with 8-11 play away, total score 1-4 is fallen into disuse to go out bureau.

Original title: World ping surpasses - wisdom of an anticipatory actin and 3-4 give bureau Dan Yuxiao to hope to give bureau responsibility to edit unexpectedly by: Li Xiaoling