The middle ten days of a month will check national full next year centrally once more in January a Japanese team and Vietnam team

Ended this year the 12 China that surpass all leg by force male sufficient accepting in Suzhou at present close segregation, according to the plan, team will go to Shanghai to observe 7 days independently at turning on December 2. League matches exceeds in this sports season the match of the 2nd phase will restart formally on December 12, continue to next year to ended on January 4. National full plan is in next year the middle ten days of a month was centered again in January, japan is headed for to attend in lunar base later preelection of Qatar world cup surpassed Asian area 2022 the 12 matches that surpass by force the 7th round.

On November 18, the country is sufficient return home, be in garrison that evening hotel of Suzhou place where troops are stationed. 21 days afternoon, team is in too after undertaking going back to the motherland inside the field of lake base first the training outdoor. Spread out assemble for training quickly, because,basically be in exceed league matches the match of the last phase will spread out on December 12. Because the country is sufficient,at present still 12 surpass the possibility that give

s a clue by force, the member that accordingly the coach is comprised also uses this paragraph of time to be in all the time answer dish go a few rounds the match, study next the adversary circumstance of

two rounds of matches.

League matches exceeds in the leg with the 2nd specific level is certainly at present on December 12, 13 days open contest in Suzhou, Guangzhou respectively, to next year on January 3, 4 days of ends. After relevant home match ends, chinese football will enter time of 12 strong competition again again. According to leg, chinese team first will at next year on January 27 team of guest battle Japan, after this still will be in guest field challenged Vietnam team on Feburary 1. The country is sufficient predict to will come 20 days on January 15 at next year between center in Shanghai, head for Japan at 23 days or so. (reporter Li Li)

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