After heal of Si Xinguan of Mu of mark · Williams still contest of tired out Ying Jin sleeps for a time

England local time on November 28, 2021 Ying Jin contest enters Sinuoke round of contention, mu of Williams of famous general mark this with 5-6 not enemy Anthony Hanmierdu.

In the match, williams Mu this be asleep for a time let occasion be immersed in awkwardness. After the event, musilue takes Williams apo

logy ground says to media: Made 30 years of professions my head bout was asleep in the match. 3 than 2 when preceding, I sit on the

chair to resemble blacking out same, head slouch comes down to just suddenly wake up, have 5 seconds of time I do not have even oneself the concept where. New coronal has gone a few weeks, I had felt a lot of but very tired still. However this is a very good game, we hit a few lever to be divided high. He (Hanmierdu) in bureau of decide the issue of the battle dizzy advanced black ball, but I experience this kind of thing more.

It is reported, mark Williams Mu this Ceng Yu affects new coronal by October, he exited European Great Master to surpass qualificatory contest and England to make public contest accordingly.

Mark Williams Mu this push in individual socialization media again subsequently go up especially compensatory him specification is in Benchangbi is asleep to have nothing to do with adversary in contest, apologize to all audiences.

Original title: Be awkward! Ying Jin surpasses a player to be asleep: Heal of new coronal of 30 year bout still tired out responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling