Meixidi obtains golden ball award 7 times to become the person with maximum number of golden ball award is obtained on football history

Be affected by epidemic situation, award chose golden ball of on one year to be cancelled, and 2019, hold the person that the ball that get gold comes home in both hands, still be Mei Xi. Await in those days, he had become world football the person with maximum number of golden ball award is obtained on the history.

Mei Xi also became the first place to carry off the Parisian fiesta ear of golden ball award graceful player, broke emperor Ma He cling to Sa is the closest the monopoly position of award of 11 gold ball. Iron tower of Er of Parisian dust humble illumes for Mei Xi celebrate, and Nasaier of big Paris chairman also congratulated Mei Xi, hope Mu Ba Pei also can not win golden ball award in Paris.

After prize-giving celebration ends, mei Xi sent him hand to hold the group photo of golden ball award in both hands on Ins.

Although I am attached most importance to with the group all the time, but the condition that I also cannot conceal the joyance when receiving golden ball award again. Mei Xi is written, a year of in the past very wonderful, I should thank your everybody, and I all work in the same placing.

I should appreciate Argentine line all players and staff member, thank me to be in even cling to the work in the same placing of Sa, Paris. Meixi continues to be written.

Of course, I thank family, friend even, and the people that supports me so. If do not hav

e you, all these comes true impossibly forever. The evening party that I thank French football to hold even and prize-giving celebration, give yo

u greatly hug!

Does C Luo Hui attack: of French football chief editor? Collate of chair ㄒ barren? of lung of  of Hui of bright wall bulbul talks nonsense

When undertaking direct seeding last week, " French football " chief editor Fei Lei exploded fierce makings. Expend Lei Xuan to weigh C collect personally to tell him, amount of ball of the gold before the sole aim of C collect retires namely surmounts Mei Xi. 2021 golden ball awards prize before celebration, c Luo Fawen refuted Fei Lei, he also did not attend to award prize this celebration.

The oldest ambition in my profession career is to be the club that I represent and national group to win country and international championship. The oldest ambition in my profession career is the model that makes all profession player or the person that want to become professional player. The oldest ambition in my profession career is in the world namely a vainglorious title that I keep on football history.

Responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling