Zhu Ting expects artifice of cure going abroad to hit two Olympic Gameses to smash again retire rumor

Zhu Ting of women's volleyball famous general expressed when accepting Xinhua News Agency to interview recently, she has decided the condition of an injury of artifice of cure going abroad, expect to hit two Olympic Games again.

Zhu Ting says: Preparation hits two Olympic Games again, it is me to oneself period make, also be a manner that serves as a professional. Recently, the likelihood because the problem of the artifice, when do a lot of people ask I prepare to retire? Or it is to see me teac

h the child to play a ball game in Zhuper Camp, can ask I prepare transition, prepare to retire? Actually this is two things completely, play a ball game and manage to find time directive child does not conflict. I like volleyball, be willing to play a ball game very much, if the condition allows, be willing to be hit all the time, I also am willing to go hard for this target.

On the Tokyo Olympic Games this year, zhu Ting gets hurt because of the artifice play owes beautiful, caused Chinese team to lose point of a strong attack. Group of Chinese women's volleyball fails to gave a line to also create a team the poorest military successes since Olympic Games of 92 years of Barcelona.

Original title: Artifice of cure of bright red graceful

going abroad expects to hit two Olympic Gameses to smash again retire rumor responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling