Male single of WTT ping-pong world cup: Semifinal of king Hunan admire join forces Fan Zhendong

World cup of Singapore WTT ping-pong surpasses proceed, final of men's singles 1/4, fan Zhendong advantage is clear with Rong Zhi of Zheng of player of Korea of 3-0 beat easily, wang Chuqin also is developed very beautiful, face Piqiefude of player of England number one to also win victory wit

h 3-0, two people will have civil war in semifinals.

Wang Chuqin is first-run Lin Yun of young general of Taipei of China of 3-0 beat easily Confucianism, skin of one elder brother cuts England of the 2nd round of experience blessing heart. Head admire of bureau king Hunan comes up to be brought into play actively, be locked in a stalemate is occupied to razziaing absolutely and windward, in bureau what obtain 7-3 afterwards is banner. Piqiefude is strengthened strike back, wang Chuqin is restricted active error also grow in quantity, score is chased after to come 8-8. The key divides Wang Chuqin to grasp an opportunity, connect so that unplug 3 minutes so that the head prepares with 11-8.

Admire of Hunan of king of the 2nd bureau continues the palm controls an aspect, bureau connect 4 minutes, although Piqiefude is strengthened,strike back, chase after a difference 1 minute for a time, but Wang Chuqin rises once more after 7-6 situation, take 4 minutes to win one bureau again with 11-6 repeatedly. Two people contend for the 3rd bureau intense score is bitten closely, hit 8-8 all the time, wang Chuqin is connected so that 2 minutes of 10-8 obtain game ball. Piqiefude overtakes a game ball, wang Chuqin loses game ball 10-10 again after time-out. Admire of Hunan of king of the moment of truth withstands pressure, reassume wins victory 2 minutes with 12-10, pass a barrier of total score 3-0, with semifinal of Fan Zhendong join forces.

Original title: Semifinal of sweep anything away of Qin Jun 3-0 of Hunan of WTT world cup king edits responsibility of join forces Fan Zhendong: Li Xiaoling