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French president Aolangde expresses 15 days, the clergy of a France that 13 days of evening kidnap in Cameroon north " affirmative " was taken neighbour N

igeria. French government is alling one knows search this clergy, in order to make its get-off.

Ao Langde was abandoned in presidential Fu Aili that day the speech is published to say to media after palace interviews Togo president Fu Lei, french government is checking what this France clergy kidnaps to concern information. He is about to compare with Cameroon president inferior at this point second kidnap incident undertakes talk.

Ao Langde says, fear a fight remaining the problem that French key pa

ys close attention to instead. Although France won a victory in martial action of Ma Li this year, and help the government in the horse restored territorial integrity, france and terroristic fight did not end because of this. He says, terroristic still appear with different face and form, and the place with always do not appear in people to consider as the most dangerous.

French Ministry of Foreign Affairs makes a statement 14 days, confirm a clergy is in this country 13 days late Cameroon north division plunges into an area to be kidnapped, accident place is apart from Cameroon and Nigeria border to make an appointment with 30 kilometers. Afp reports 15 days, nigeria extreme is organized " rich division bethel " weigh distrain this France clergy, another extreme organizes this organization and Nigeria " Ansalu " undertook cooperative in second action here.

American the White House makes a statement 13 days, will " rich division bethel " and " Ansalu " label foreign horror to organize, announce to implement sanction to its at the same time. (reporter Zheng Bin)

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Log onto Reagan of the president before registering United States of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian exposing to the sun to rely on sinister gang to enter advocate the White House for many times " does power money trade " origin: ? ?2014-05-24 15:0 of   PiaoEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 8 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] Reagan of the president before United States exposing to the sun relies on sinister gang to enter advocate the White House, inside lieutenancy, undertake for many times " power money trades "

Gallup of company of famous survey information ever had made the whole world " who is president of the most welcome United States " public opinion poll, at that time, ronald Reagan unplugs so that the head prepares, win the support that is as high as 87% .

However, england " daily Post " the website is announced solely on May 22, a new newsreel exposes to the sun the president before giving this United States that gets recognition fully is to rely on sinister gang to enter unexpectedly advocate the White House, and be inside its lieutenancy, he and relation of Hollywood recreation tycoon are daedal, undertake for many times " power money trades " .

Ronald Reagan of the president before the United States (the data pursues)

Complete " act of take orders from "

Root old age is disease of silent of sea of A at present in (senile and gawkish disease) place is hard, 2004 demit world, die at the age of is 93 years old. According to the United States the director is like En Suoci hold the new newsreel that guide " fleeted cost 2: Overturn confuse a wall " disclose, can act before Li Gensheng art career and political career two complacent, graceful result of Wo Se of · of Lu of Hollywood recreation magnate cannot be done not have.

Woseman has " Hollywood is patristic " say, his figure cold high of gaunt, countenance, act is mysterious, wear all the year round black clothes black pants is black tie, ask subordinate unites an outfit so. Because this is in Hollywood industry, they are called " black clothes Maffia " .

In fact, woseman and the company that its run -- American music company (MCA) -- exist with sinister gang really the relation of countless ties. Woseman is born from family of immigrant of a Russia, teenager period ever joined a sinister gang of local to organize in Cleveland. After that, his change encounters MCA company author toward Chicago Jules Sitanbingde arrives its appreciate. Si Tan and associate with of head of Chicago sinister gang are very close. 20 centuries 30 time end, it is below the dominant of Si Tan and Woseman, MCA company business on the west enlarge, stand firm in los angeles. It is almost in same time, chicago sinister gang is in los angeles air plant.

And giant star of numerous movie and TV is medium below MCA company division, reagan is innocently most one of bright, he is the actor that first place of this company throughout history obtains contract of film of below 1 million dollars. More important is, MCA company becomes Reagan to abandon a shadow to take up a political career " strong supporter " . American judiciary writes in a confidential document: "Whole politics career of Reagan gets their aid financially, he is the MCA slave of one hundred percent, act of complete take orders from. Act of complete take orders from..

"Floodgate case " inferior by comparison

Because R

eagan assumes the huge expense that politics enters into an election contest feebly, MAC company aided financially every his electioneering almost. Common saying says " mouth having a person is soft, hand of make things difficult for others is short " . Reagan took the money of MCA company, must want to handle affairs for MCA company.

The FBI before before directing Suo Ci to interview two in newsreel, confederative inquisitor mixes (FBI) secret service, they express, in those days judiciary establishs blow to the organization commits a crime special panel, investigate sinister gang force to affect and be permeated to MCA company high level, investigation action balks later, it is Reagan is entered advocate place of the White House does among them " power money trades " .

"I think investigation break down is not haphazard, come from a of China government office elaborate scheme and interpose however, have a hand in MCA firm work in order to prevent governmental orgnaization. " before because insist to investigate,Lu Deni of · of inquisitor horse article is overcome and meet with federally discharge, he says among them inside story " your floodgate case is inferior by comparison " .

Of Reagan " shove a hand rear "

Suo Ci says, reagan and MCA company " mutual help, relation is close and complex " , attorney general holds the post of when Mi Si of moxa heart · (appoint by Reagan) be MCA company board of directors " true bosom friend " . 1966, reagan is elected as California state governor, MCA company is right this take credit to oneself very Wei. After that, the administration that the root in this

company benefit from benefit from promulgates commands, earn a good deal of money.

The lawyer that has contacted suspect of black case of MCA company experience according to another discloses, sinister gang force is in Hollywood run a likelihood the widow nancy of enlarge and Reagan, "She is the member of board of actor of American movie and TV, the backside that she is Reagan shoves a hand... it is she incites Reagan to do all these. The backside that she is Reagan shoves a hand... it is she incites Reagan to do all these..

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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Login register telephone operator of pornography of United States of

text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian: Braid all sorts of crammer to satisfy demand origin: at ordinary times? Be not Nao?2014-02-17 10:5Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 2 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Russia " big picture net " live truely one group when published Phillip Toledano of American famous cameraman to film about clerk of pornographic phone wiring photograph. The woman in the graph this year 60 years old, have culture of Colombian university mankind to learn degree, the marriage that has 25 years history. Male people calls to her because of different account, she calls this " alleviate the cure of pressure " .

This job is a kind of service actually.

Develop in telephone communication today, business of more and more operation of illegal mobile phone develop pornographic phone to serve the demand of contented client. The operation trader that pornographic phone serves and mobile phone user are used each other, each other is an interest. Mobile phone user thinks the figure that imagines with oneself when alone loneliness undertakes the phone chats, and this one demand that operation business is happy to satisfy them.

The operation businessman of pornographic phone is willing to understand the client's requirement, provide better service for the client. Pornographic phone carries then " her " or " he " a few more fictional speech, the psychology that will satisfy a client is depended on. Pornographic telephone call is dramatic like, game has inside proper time, by one individual dominant, another person cooperates.

Chat to release pressure very easily with myth, because won't in actual life produces any effects.

Male operator and young female free talk about heaven and earth, grow all night with middleaged woman talk. Some clients want to meet with him, want to live together with him even. But he is the person that a phone chats only.

The client can remove other issue a little with the operator, and sometimes they are met cannot get salary because of anger or actuation language.

In their working career, can encounter mixed person.

The operator should respond to each requirement of the client, serve a client better, in the illusion of client of their consist in.

This female operator once received telephone call of a bloodcurdling, in communicate the client in the process dies suddenly. Do not know he is by shoot dead, still be oneself drop to the ground. This thing lets her calm hard.

Encounter very silent client, the operator also can not know what to say.

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Layer of Qi of

moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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The United States superintends an orgnaization to will announce to close 3 areas bank on August 19, this makes American bank goes broke since this year number rises reach 68, under last year 118 of the corresponding period.

According to insurance company of American confederative deposit (the report that FDIC)19 day issues, this orgnaization shut the Lidian that is located in Florida city that day the private bank, the first southern s

tate bank that is located in Zun Zhiya city and the bank of rich live abroad that are located in Illinois. So far, zun Zhiya city since this year go bankrupt bank number achieves 17, become complete beauty to go bankrupt the city with b
ank maximum amount, after close therewith is Florida city, go bankrupt bank number achieves 10.

The dimensions of 3 banks total assets that afore-mentioned closing down is 2.005 billion dollar about, deposit dimensions is 1.54 billion dollar about. FDIC predicts, take-over 3 afore-mentioned banks need to cost confederative deposit insurance fund is total 363.8 million dollar.

Data shows, the United States shared 140 banks to go bankrupt 2009, invest fund of confederative deposit insurance 36 billion dollar; The bank went broke 2010 amount is added reach 157, come for 18 years top level, but because go bankrupt the bank is average dimensions drops, the defray of fund of confederative deposit insurance drops to 21 billion dollar. Come from 2008 2010, take-over go bankrupt bank already fund of insurance of confederative deposit of United States of accumulative total expenditure 76.8 billion dollar.

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上海千花 女生自荐

Beautiful scientist: The carnivore such as the lion, catamount is close to eradicating... [阅读全文] 栏目:新上海龙凤品茶


Manila of China News Service report will be kidnapped from Malaysia by kidnapper April this year on May 31 the Chinese book female tourist of Philippine south already on May 30 get-off. Philippine police officer confirms 31 days, it is to pass negotiation facilitating hostage safe get-off, did not pay ransom money to kidnapper.

Late on April 2, many kidnapper lands Malaysia sanded Ba Zhouxian this near that an isle, enter on the island one to go vacationing village, kidnapped female tourist of book of a China and a Philippine membership female staff, the Su Lu to Philippine south hijacks two people to save after. According to the exposure before media is early, malaysia and Philippine authority concerned on May 30 morning 10 when save city of provincial capital Huo Luo 30 minutes or so to rescue two hostage in Su Lu together, two are rescued the Sha Ba city that hostage is sent Malaysia that day afternoon.

Philippine police is set in what Su Lu saves to turn ov

er commander of staking case platoon Agelimeiluo Keluci is accepting place 31 days TV station, the authority concerned is to pass a negotiation to make kidnapper agree to release hostage, did not pay ransom money to kidnapper.

30 days of evening also pass through Malaysia premier Najibu he is in gregarious website " push special " account hair message says, did not pay ransom money to kidnapper. He expresses, get-off of two hostage safety i

s attributed to the collaboration between Malaysia and armed forces of security of Philippine two countries.

Relevant news: The horse is kidnapped newest photograph decides Zuo of Gao Hua of Chinese female tourist still living (video)

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According to British media coverage, can of v/arc bounties bestowed by a monarch or an official of Qiao Enji of more wealthy than resembling general city 63 years old old woman weighs American heart city is the luckiest person on the earth, because she is in,g

o 17 years inside time actually medium 4 lottery large award, and the huge award that is above of level of 1 million dollars every time.

Common saying says well: "Internal heat comes up, everybody is blocked " . July 1993, a piece of lottery ticket that Jon buys became medium large award of 5.4 million dollar, 1 million wealthy old women are become between one night. 2006, she again medium the large award of 2 million dollar. In August 2008, she is the 3rd medium the head award of 3 million dollar. June 2010, a piece of lottery ticket that Jon buys, unexpectedly the 4th medium the large award of 10 million dollar!

The expert says, in lifetime 4 in the probability of large award only amount to 1/-727379968, be equivalent to be being hit 4 times by lightning! Newest investigation makes clear, "Colour god " Jon is Shi Danfu university actually so statistical doctor! Somebody guesses accordingly, "Colour god " breathtaking good luck of Jon is not probably accidental, she uses her professional and profound statistical knowledge probably, "Broken solution " the rule

of lottery of win a prize in a lottery!

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Airliner of Ma Hang MH370 is in south action of search of the indian ocean is started afresh... [阅读全文] 栏目:武汉夜网论坛AQ


Login register media of Han of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to report content of Zhang Chengze words of the deceased calls Jin Zhengen: of origin of faint government economy? Lian  ?2013-12-17 16:5Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 3 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Gold respects female singer and Zhang Chengze

According to this harbor media coverage, korea former Zhang Chengze of the 2nd character by clean up hind, political situation is paid close attention to continuously, korea people army in late chief Jin Zheng day dies two years yesterday eve, hold plenary meeting of royal a rally to pledge resolution before going to war at making the same score palace of sun of soil samite hill, make a pledge to devoted to leader Jin Zhengen, be regarded as new the people of 2 characters army Hai Yiyou of Cui Long of director of total the Political Bureau is attended. Defend according to phoenix inspect a report to say, the words of the deceased that Zhang Chengze leaves is the situation with national economy and people extremely embarrassed life expands ceaselessly, and Jin Zhengen is at a loss what to do however. It is phoenix protects the literal content that inspects video below:

According to the report, wife gold of Zhang Chengze respected Ji Ye to appear in funeral committee list, she is considered as to affect Jin Zhengen to decide finally to get rid of a few crucial figures of Zhang Chengze. Zhang Chengze's accusation has several, zhang Chengze is shown chaos gets a woman, your wife gnash, after wanting to divide fast, still have a reason besides, jin Jingji appears in the list of the funeral committee recently, a what information do this pass?

With respect to the internal strike of Korea, the netizen of 88% thinks, this shows the condition of Korea or stabilize, won't get the influence of Zhang Chengze incident, in addition, the netizen of 93% feels Korea can appear next of a lot of officials flee wet. Jin Jingji is become get rid of crucial figure of Zhang Chengze, besides the reas

on that what a moment ago we say is this woman, actually Jin Jingji once had said a word to Korea high level, say she feels Zhang Chengze is a menace to Jin Zhengen.

Additionally Japanese media still reports, jin Zhengen is in execute of Zhang Chengze before today, the aunt that commands him compulsively and Zhang Chengze divorce, actually Zhang Chengze has because marry with Jin Jingji,today also is completely, without emperor's son-in-law father this identity also does not have today's influence and position. But these actually not important, zhang Chengze still went, is the future of that Korea better?

Korea media reports the words of the deceased that Zhang Chengze leaves is the situation with national economy and people extremely embarrassed life expands ceaselessly, and Jin Zhengen is at a loss what to do however. The economy that there is to say a Korea among the charge that additionally Zhang Chengze is charged is immersed in go bankrupt situation, this just explains it seems that a bit, since Jin Zhengen appears on the stage two years, the economy of Korea did not ameliorate, this is afraid is all not certain things in the center the fact that can decide exclusively.

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t is carried out instantly

Gold of wife of Korea Zhang Chengze respects female singer " reappear " ever weighing the husband is minatory

Korea official announces: Still cannot affirm Jin Zhengnan is in where personally at present

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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