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end: of origin of 43 people death? Qu Xian?2014-05-03 11:2Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 1 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Coastal city Ao Desa produces the Black Sea of Wu Kelan south 2 days government office of take over the reins of government upon coming age and oppose a government conflict of two cliques people, cause 43 people death.

According to Wukelan media reports, local time 2 days afternoon, people of government office of thousands of take over the reins of government upon coming age and " person of the Black Sea " the fan of football club holds support inside Ao Desa city Wukelan's unified parade. Hundreds support what make federally to turn over governmental people to undertake disturb and be defianted to procession, then both sides happening conflicts. Conflict both sides used bludgeon and firearms, cause personal casualty.

Wu Kelan the Black Sea is coastal Aode Sa city

Report, in conflict, the part turns over governmental public figure to hide into labour union building, combustion bottle is tossed downward after building of fall back on carries a layer on the head, ignition building. After igneous power is greater and greater, somebody attempts to jump the window flees for his life, 8 people fall dead on the spot, 23 people are fumed dead in smother.

The newest data that according to Ao Desa municipal government releases, die in the fire the Communist Party of China of the conflict afternoon and building of evening labour union 43 people, injure 174 people, among them 25 people the condition of an injury is very serious. Aode Sa municipal government decided 3 days to come 5 days to mourn day for whole town that day. (reporter Zhang Zhijiang)

[Russia criticizes Wu Kelan government with respect to Aode Sa incident] report of Russian tower company, russia Ministry of Foreign Affairs makes a statement now say, be in yesterday of Ao Desa " tragic event " it is Wukelan leader layer is indulgent " graceless nationalism extreme element " be caused by, it is irresponsible criminality, "Condemn clearly to this " . Two cliques people conflicts yesterday, on fire of labour union building brings about 38 people to die.

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Login register news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian does text flower pull parched rice pink to calculate practice bribery at an election? Origin: ? ?2011-07-14 08:1 of Qu Xi of inclined  of O Kang border1 Http://www.mnw.cn/

Flower pull ground rice is fried to people spot during enter into an election contest (video cut pursues)

Current affairs setting

12 Japan are the date that Thailand general election announces result of elect by ballot finally, but Thailand election commission is announced 12 days late, in seat in a legislature of 500 congress commons, have 358 eligible assemblyman only, additionally 142 people are complained to be put in practice bribery at an election or violate suspicion, include to await the A of guard government prime minister that allows to premier flower is pulled and be about to leave off his post to wrap around among them solid. Flower pull be complained to use an elder brother his letter is aided anthology, still be complained additionally the action that gives people spot parched rice pink during enter into an election contest is behavior of practice bribery at an election. As we have learned, election commission will affirm the eligible assemblyman list of 95 % inside 30 days, so that make new congress commons first the conference can be held smoothly. Local public opinion thinks, if flower pull be suspecte

d of breaking the law really, its are in office authority will be banned, existence holds the possibility of general election afresh. So, flower pull whether if wish to become a prime minister? Whether can be Thailand general election overturned come again?

Decipher one
Why to come so?
Assemblyman qualification affirms still do sth over and over again period of time

Zhang Guoqing of expert of problem of international of courtyard of Chinese company division expresses when accepting our newspaper reporter to interview, thailand politics follows seesaw same, both sides is contrary and serious, no matter unsuccessful is which one party, total meeting has not reconciled to, use complain the method such as practice bribery at an election, it is the one part that politics struggles. The assemblyman qualification of Thailand affirms affirmation returns meeting do sth over and over again period of time. Should say, no matter be the election of Thailand, still be American election, total conference appears a few careless mistake, appear a few illegal conditions, want to see these careless mistake can lift billow to come in Thailand namely now.

He says, the backside that clairvoyant Thailand chaos resembles, germ depends on system of Thailand power structure and Thailand society polarization serious. Thailand democracy is a halfway, immature democracy, the army is in politics effect is too big. The politics of Thailand walked along a kind of extreme, "Because the person is abandoned politics " , his letter is nonofficeholding, a few sound policy that he pursues also are abolished subsequently, include his a few policy that eliminate polarization, the way that his a few economy reform.

The election adds variable result to still see political rich play chess

Be worth what carry is, election commission maintains the final conclusion that is not finally as a result this present, it is the variable that this added election outcome only. In the final analysis, the result still depends on the rich of force of Thailand country each politics weichis.

Thailand election commission is opposite for still be an opposite authority and indifferent orgnaization, appoint independent personage to hold the position of by the high court, but in at present the circumstance of Thailand falls, very it's hard to say does not get the influence of force of domestic each politics, its independent character is suspectable.

The reporter passes inquiry discovery, this election commission ever also appeared in the moment of truth for many times in the past: In December 2007, thailand holds him after the letter is nonofficeholding first parliamentary general election, election commission also investigated the wrong step such as 83 practice bribery at an election be used by accusation to win the assemblyman of the election after choose, cancelled the qualification of 4 assemblyman finally, among them 3 people come from the people power party that supports him to believe, additionally 1 person comes from the Democratic Party that turns over him to believe. In April 2010, the Democratic Party of election commission ruling abuses an ancient unit of weight of 29 million peaceful (1 dollar closes 32.3 peaceful an ancient unit of weight about) the political party develops fund, submit this proposal constitution court, the request disbands a the Democratic Party, this within an inch of is brought about wrap around with A the fact 6 parties combination for the premier governmental fall from power. Through this two example can explain, election commission affirms to assemblyman qualification after choose, it is a normal procedure actually. Additional, election commission interior also is put in the fight, put in different deflection on not contemporaneous different incident.

Decipher 2
Flower pull whether wash out suspicion?
Unprecedented Thailand politics is more nervous

Although say to also have before election commission,defer affirmed precedent, and flower pull oneself 12 days also desalt " the qualification is waited for calm " influence, state election commission is deferred affirm belong to " normal procedure " , believe to won't appear the situation that him assemblyman qualification is cancelled, but undeniable, election commission goes never " defer " the number one candidate that holds a certain political party. This pardonable also meeting has a scholar to think, election committee this action may mean this is to be aimed at what he believes a group of people of same interest again " judicatory coup " pull open prelusive, final likelihood brings about continuance of Thailand politics crisis.

Without giving thought to result how, how also emphasizing without giving thought to is normal

procedure, atmosphere of the politics after this action brings about Thailand to choose necessarily becomes more intense. After all, although A wraps around solid already admitted to be defeated anthology, but he believes a group of people of same interest and act without what stop them instead: Above all, a wraps around of true place before hold political the Democratic Party is trying to tell the party that it is peaceful by shape of judicatory proceed with " the election is unconstitutional " , drive constitution court to disband the party that it is peaceful; Next, "Yellow unlined upper garment army " announce formal Xiang Xian law court of justice submits shape paper, have a lot of violating with big pitch on for compasses behavior, the requirement abolishs this month voting result of 3 days, new general election. Although A wraps around solid also hit because of selling to constituency fold commodity to be suspected of " buy a ticket " wait for calm, but A wraps around solid it is one is about originally nonofficeholding person, follow the person appearance that the prime minister should become on Yinglama to compare, cannot be the same as day of course and language.

Well-prepared flower play extricate oneself possibility big

Zhang Guoqing points out, be aimed at at present flower the accusation that pull, it is to say she enters into an election contest in ground rice is fried in assembly and constituency of ground rice deal out, belong to " buy a ticket " behavior, lawbreaking. Zhang Guoqing expresses, this kind of accusation has nothing to do difficulties. Flower pull attend to enter into an election contest this, it is well-prepared completely, what she establishs is a pure and fresh figure, won't make elementary mistake, so flower the possibility that plays suspicion of wash out practice bribery at an election is very large. But do not eliminate other and temporary the assemblyman that did not obtain a qualification to affirm may be had 9 times by fish problem, this also is inevitable.

Decipher 3
Foreground of Thailand political situation how?
Flower pull? Does A wrap around solid? Anonymous person? Reelect?
Everything is all possible

Thailand election commission expresses, put up with is complained about election fraud undertake investigating, findings will be sent to constitution court, if really candidate violates electoral law, will decide to whether cancel its qualification by the court. Thailand place public opinion thinks, according to the findings of Thailand election commission, if flower pull be suspected of breaking the law really, its are in office authority will be banned; If A wraps around fact is innocent, will come out by the Democratic Party of great party of the 2nd triumph form a cabinet; Still one is plant may be flower pull and A wraps around charge of real practice bribery at an election holds water, appear personally possibly by small political party the form a cabinet that finish. Above 3 kinds may be to build affirmed condition is obtained to fall in the assemblyman of 95% , commons of so new congress first the conference can be held smoothly, elect a prime minister, then form a cabinet. But, if short of 95% this one word, thailand may want to hold general election afresh really.

What should see is, the main area of Thailand society did not produce change, it is this according to the party that it is peaceful in general election win the case that surpasses completely greatly, hold new election immediately, of the party that it is peaceful winning a range still is very big. Nevertheless, larger possibility is, if flower the qualification that pull is cancelled really, for peaceful party proponent, especially " red unlined upper garment army " will start mass protest, cause thereby new round of politics is queasy, the condition of Thailand may is immersed in cannot accuse state. (reporter Mao Huijuan interviews this N net arrange)

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According to Singapore " associated morning paper " will report on May 28, last because of sufferring the political crisis influence of half an year, thailand economy falls into atrophy depressed the condition that is close to decline even. Just obtain the Thailand military goverment that peaceful king appoints and

formal full-fledged member is in office to expressed a few days ago, they will at 9 weeks inside publish economic route chart, plan to pullback economy as soon as possible the right path.

" Bangkok Post " 27 days of reports, suffer appoint Ba Jin discloses the air force commander-in-chief of general affairs of responsible government economy, the quickest meeting is being referred the whole nation to maintain peaceful order committee to examine and approve next week. Route chart detailed information is possible at next week 3 or Zhou Si is announced, if still must be revised,do not pass, announce time to may suspend a week again.

From last year bottom flower is pulled after dissolving parliament, thailand is immersed in the predicament that does not have full-fledged member government, national finance is estimated make, halt of all of project of major capital construction comes down. And the economic route chart that is about to publish will include the finance budget 2014 to extend and the finance program 2015.

Ba Jin confirms finance budget will press original plan 2015, will start on October 1 this year, its depend on infrastructure building mainly. Include to resume project of large prevent floods by water control in the center, this project predicts to cost an ancient unit of weight of 350 billion 10 thousand peaceful () of about 67 billion RMB.

Examine of assistant commanding officer guesses army to also point out, the project that Thailand government must pursue still includes railroad of build double track and dynamoelectric train item, nevertheless he emphasizes

capital construction investment must abiding by finance discipline.

Refer expends a country gigantic endowment to rice farming high price buys rice to plan to whether return meeting continual problem to go up, examine is guessed did not explain clearly. Nevertheless he points out, solve agricultural issue to must abide by market strength, successive ground undertakes. The agriculture that military goverment already indicated the Ministry of finance and state-operated and agricultural cooperation bank are responsible to rice farming give back buys meter of debt.

Meanwhile, long element of hall of duty Wu hall is carried guess express, xiang Jun the government puts forward to adjust tax rate structure, the key is put in decrease duty and extend duty Wu privilege, the tax-exempt specified amount of the person that include to reduce low income of high school of individual tax rate, attune further, investment that lengthens long-term equity fund and emeritus fund reduces duty privilege.


On Thailand Bangkok 1000 people turn over army action to upgrade demonstrate person shout army scram

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