Why Mike Vrabel's penis is on the line if the Titans reach the Super Bowl

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The conversation around the Titans’ Super Bowl run and coach Mike Vrabel’s penis is a package deal, and the situation is coming to a head.

If Tennessee beats Kansas City in the AFC championship game and goes on to win Super Bowl 54, it will mark the most phallic pro football championship since these Titans lost to Dick Vermeil and the Rams 20 years ago. The club of Super Bowl-winning coaches will simultaneously gain and lose a member.

Thanks to Titans left tackle Taylor Lewan's line of questioning in a podcast interview with his own coach, we learned in July that the 44-year-old Vrabel is willing to cut off his own penis for a Super Bowl title.

At the time, Tennessee was coming off a 9-7 season in Vrabel's first year and was projected by Sporting News and others to finish third in the AFC South. The Titans' odds to reach the Super Bowl were long enough that Vrabel felt comfortable rolling with the hyperbole Lewan dangled in front of him.

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The context: While interviewing Vrabel on his "Bussin’ with the Boys" podcast with co-host and former Titans linebacker Will Compton, Lewan asked whether the coach would get the 28-year-old tackle's name tattooed on his body if the two won a Super Bowl together.

"Your name? No," Vrabel replied. Lewan then asked what Vrabel would do: "I would do something if you wanted to make a bet."

Then the following exchange occurred.

(Warning: The following video contains explicit language.)

Vrabel, the ex-linebacker who spent time with the Steelers, Patriots and Chiefs over his 14-year NFL playing ca

reer from 1997-2010, won his three Super Bowls while in New England (2001, 2004 and 2004). Apparently they mean little to him in the context of his new challenges as a coach.

As for Vrabel's wife — who he joked would not mind if the coach, um, lost the bet — she was willing to go along with the bit.

At the end of an up-and-down regular season, Tennessee beat Houston in Week 17 to clinch a playoff berth as the AFC's last wild card. The Titans were installed as five-point road underdogs against the Patriots, and after they stunned the defending Super Bowl champions in the wild-card round, they pulled off an even bigger upset over the Ravens as nine-point underdogs in the divisional round.

This improbable run led Tennessee to Sunday's AFC title game and, more importantly, kept Vrabel's manhood in danger.

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When the Titans upset the Ravens last week, the status of Vrabel's johnson evidently was the first thing that entered Lewan's mind when he saw the coach after the game. Vrabel was greeting his players as they returned to the locker room in Baltimore, and the tackle offered a reminder.

"Listen, I didn't want to disappoint Taylor and Will when I went on the podcast," Vrabel told Sports Illustrated later in the week when asked about the promise he made on the podcast. "I knew they were gonna ask me things that probably, if I just clammed up, (the show) wouldn't be very fun.

"So I tried to make it as fun as possible."

Mission accomplished. Seven months later, the topic of Vrabel's penis has the same staying power as that of a Tennessee team running through the playoffs like it has nothing to lose.

Even though the coach has something notable to lose.