Rob Lowe wore a bland NFL hat to a bland 49ers vs. Packers game, and fans made plenty of jokes

NFL 49ers v Packers 49ers Packers

Actor Rob Lowe was in attendance for the NFC championship game between the 49ers and Packers, and he was sporting some interesting attire.

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Yes, that is a plain NFL logo hat.

Typically you’d only see such hats worn by officials during a game. But for some reason, Lowe owns this piece of merchandise (or it was given to him by the NFL for all his camera time on Fox’s broadcast) and thought it was the perfect accessory to add while attending today’s game. Lowe is a Colts fan, so it makes a little sense why he’s not wearing a 49ers hat or a cheesehead to support the Packers.

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Also, he’s likely only in attendance as part of a branding deal with Fox as the network promoted its television show “9-1-1: Lone Star,” which stars Lowe, throughout the broadcast.

Shortly after his appearance on TV, Lowe was ridiculed on Twitter. He eventually saw some of the discussion and chimed in with a response.

Unfortunately this does not answer the question as to why Lowe owns this.

Nevertheless, Twitter had its fun mocking the actor.