NFL Mock Drafts 2021: Compare Mel Kiper, Daniel Jeremiah, Todd McShay & latest from other experts

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Is there a draft in here?

This is 2021. Of course there is. In fact, there is a draft everywhere.

Everyone has an NFL mock draft now. Just ask your next Uber driver or Target cashier if they’ve got a mock draft. They absolutely do, and don’t be surprised when they tell you that when they’re bagging up your toilet paper and oat milk.

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See, everyone’s got a mock draft. But, truthfully, there are people — experts, if you will — who know a little bit more about the NFL draft, the ins and outs, needs of teams and knowledge of prospects than your average barstool GM.

This year, there are a number of intriguing storylines heading into the first round: How many QBs will go in the first round? How many in the top 10? How many Alabama players will be selected?

Here’s what some of the experts are saying about this year’s first round:

Vinnie Iyer’s mock draft (Sporting News)

Iyer’s latest mock draft was released on April 13.

Pick No. Team Player Position School

1Jacksonville JaguarsTrevor LawrenceQBClemson2New York JetsZach WilsonQBBYU3San Francisco 49ers (via MIA from HOU)Mac JonesQBAlabama4Atlanta FalconsTrey LanceQBNorth Dakota State5Cincinnati BengalsPenei SewellOTOregon6Miami Dolphins (from PHI)Ja’Marr ChaseWRLSU7Detroit LionsDeVonta SmithWRAlabama8Carolina PanthersCaleb FarleyCBVirginia Tech9Denver BroncosJustin FieldsQBOhio State10Dallas CowboysPatrick Surtain IICBAlabama11New York GiantsRashawn SlaterOTNorthwestern12Philadelphia Eagles (via MIA from 49ers)Kyle PittsTEFlorida13Los Angeles ChargersJaylen WaddleWRAlabama14Minnesota VikingsAlijah Vera-TuckerOLUSC15New England PatriotsMicah ParsonLBPenn State16Arizona CardinalsGregory RousseauEDGEMiami17Las Vegas RaidersJeremiah Owusu-KoramoahOLBNotre Dame18Miami DolphinsKwity PayeEDGEMichigan19Washington Football TeamChristian DarrisawOTVirginia Tech20Chicago BearsKadarius ToneyWRFlorida21Indianapolis ColtsSam CosmiOTTexas22Tennessee TitansTeven JenkinsOTOklahoma State23New York Jets (from SEA)Jaycee HornCBSouth Carolina24Pittsburgh SteelersNajee HarrisRBAlabama25Jacksonville Jaguars (from LAR)Christian BarmoreDTAl

abama26Cleveland BrownsAzeez OjulariOLBGeorgia27Baltimore RavensJaelan PhillipsEDGEMiami28New Orleans SaintsJoseph OssaiEDGETexas29Green Bay PackersJalen MayfieldOTMichigan30Buffalo BillsJayson OwehEDGEPenn State31Kansas City ChiefsGreg Newsome IICBNorthwestern32Tampa Bay BuccaneersLevi OnwuzurikeDTWashington


— Virginia Tech’s Caleb Farley, not Alabama’s Patrick Surtain II, is the first cornerback off the board at No. 8 to the Panthers. Farley’s stock is questionable at the moment as he recovers from back surgery.

— Four straight QBs kick off the 2021 NFL Draft, with Justin Fields sliding to the Broncos at No. 9.

— Sam Cosmi, first-rounder? While Cosmi’s versatility is praised, some question his first-round viability. In any case, Iyer projects Cosmi to go ahead of Teven Jenkins, at No. 21 to the Colts.

You can read SN’s full seven-round mock draft here.

Mel Kiper’s mock draft (ESPN)

Mel Kiper’s latest mock draft was released on April 13 and features mock trades:

Pick No. Team Player Position School

1Jacksonville JaguarsTrevor LawrenceQBClemson2New York JetsZach WilsonQBBYU3San Francisco 49ers (via MIA from HOU)Mac JonesQBOhio State4Miami Dolphins (mock trade with ATL)Kyle PittsTEFlorida5Cincinnati BengalsPenei SewellOTOregon6Atlanta Falcons (mock trade with MIA)Trey LanceQBNorth Dakota State7Detroit LionsJa’Marr ChaseWRLSU8Carolina PanthersDeVonta SmithWRAlabama9Denver BroncosMicah ParsonsLBPenn State10New England Patriots (mock trade with DAL)Justin FieldsQBOhio State11New York GiantsJaylen WaddleWRAlabama12Philadelphia Eagles (via MIA from SF)Patrick Surtain IICBAlabama13Los Angeles ChargersRashawn SlaterOLNorthwestern14Minnesota VikingsChristian DarrisawOTVirginia Tech15Dallas CowboysJaycee HornCBVirginia Tech16Arizona CardinalsCaleb FarleyCBVirginia Tech17Las Vegas RaidersAlijah Vera-TuckerOLUSC18Miami DolphinsKwity PayeDEMichigan19Washington Football TeamJeremiah Owusu-KoramoahLBNotre Dame20Chicago BearsTeven JenkinsOTOklahoma State21Indianapolis ColtsJaelan PhillipsDEMiami22Tennessee TitansElijah MooreWROle Miss23New York Jets (from SEA)Gregory Newsome IICBNorthwestern24Pittsburgh SteelersNajee HarrisRBAlabama25Jacksonville Jaguars (from LAR)Trevon MoehrigSTCU26Cleveland BrownsJamin DavisLBKentucky27Baltimore RavensTerrace Marshall Jr.WRLSU28New Orleans SaintsZaven CollinsOLB/DETulsa29Green Bay PackersRashod BatemanWRMinnesota30Buffalo BillsAzeez OjulariOLB/DEGeorgia31Kansas City ChiefsJayson OwehOLBPenn State32Tampa Bay BuccaneersChristian BarmoreDTAlabama


— Of course, all eyes on the QBs, and Kiper has the Patriots trading up to secure a falling Justin Fields at No. 10 — the NFL’s worst nightmare.

— The Detroit Lions could go in any direction, but in this mock they take Ja’Marr Chase as the first WR off the board.

— The Packers finally get Aaron Rodgers the receiver he so desperately wanted, grabbing Minnesota’s Rashod Bateman at No. 29. 

Todd McShay’s mock draft (ESPN)

McShay’s latest mock draft was released on April 1, but was updated to include the Sam Darnold trade and what it could mean for the rest of the NFL draft.

Pick No. Team Player Position School

1Jacksonville JaguarsTrevor LawrenceQBClemson2New York JetsZach WilsonQBBYU3San Francisco 49ers (via MIA from HOU)Mac JonesQBAlabama4Atlanta FalconsKyle PittsTEFlorida5Cincinnati BengalsJa’Marr ChaseWRLSU6Miami Dolphins (from PHI)DeVonta SmithWRAlabama7Detroit LionsJaylen WaddleWRAlabama8Carolina PanthersPatrick Surtain IICBAlabama9Denver BroncosTrey LanceQBNorth Dakota State10Dallas CowboysJaycee HornCBSouth Carolina11New England Patriots (mock trade)Justin FieldsQBOhio State12Philadelphia Eagles (via MIA from 49ers)Micah ParsonsILBPenn State13Los Angeles ChargersPenei SewellOTOregon14Minnesota VikingsRashawn SlaterOLNorthwestern15New England PatriotsJeremiah Owusu-KoramoahILBNotre Dame16Miami Dolphins (mock trade)Alijah Vera-TuckerGUSC17Las Vegas RaidersTrevon MoehrigSTCU18Arizona Cardinals (mock trade)Caleb FarleyCBVirginia Tech19Washington Football TeamChristian DarrisawOTVirginia Tech20Chicago BearsKadarius ToneyWRFlorida21Indianapolis ColtsKwity PayeDEMichigan22Tennessee TitansGreg Newsome IICBNorthwestern23New York Jets (from SEA)Travis EtienneRBClemsons24Pittsburgh SteelersNajee HarrisRBAlabama25Jacksonville Jaguars (from LAR)Teven JenkinsOTOklahoma State26Cleveland BrownsGregory RousseauDEMiami27Baltimore RavensTerrace Marshall Jr.WRLSU28New Orleans SaintsElijah MooreWRMississippi29Green Bay PackersJamin DavisILBKentucky30Buffalo BillsJaelan PhillipsDEMiami31Kansas City ChiefsAzeez OjulariOLBGeorgia32Tampa Bay BuccaneersZaven CollinsOLBTulsa


— John Elway and Denver finally have a long-term solution at the QB position, as McShay has Trey Lance going to the Broncos at No. 9. Elway has been searching for the next great QB after Peyton Manning for years.

— Najee Harris — who recently told McShay “kiss my ass” — ends up with the Steelers at No. 24, alleviating pressure on the Steelers offense, which suffered on the ground last year.

— Everyone’s worst nightmare confirmed: Bill Belichick gets his hands on a future franchise quarterback, with the Patriots trading up to 11 to grab a falling Justin Fields.

Daniel Jeremiah’s mock draft (NFL Network)

DJ’s latest mock draft was released on April 6.

Pick No. Team Player Position School

1Jacksonville JaguarsTrevor LawrenceQBClemson2New York JetsZach WilsonQBBYU3San Francisco 49ers (via MIA from HOU)Mac JonesQBAlabama4Atlanta FalconsTrey LanceQBNorth Dakota State5Cincinnati BengalsKyle PittsTEBengals6Miami Dolphins (from PHI)Ja’Marr ChaseWRLSU7Detroit LionsJustin FieldsQBOhio State8Carolina PanthersRashawn SlaterOTNorthwestern9Denver BroncosPenei SewellOTOregon10Dallas CowboysKwity PayeEDGEMichigan11New York GiantsDeVonta SmithWRAlabama12Philadelphia Eagles (via MIA from 49ers)Patrick Surtain IICBAlabama13Los Angeles ChargersJaycee HornCBSouth Carolina14Minnesota VikingsJaelan PhillipsEDGEMiami15New England PatriotsMicah ParsonsLBPenn State16Arizona CardinalsJaylen WaddleWRAlabama17Las Vegas RaidersJeremiah Owusu-KoramoahLBNotre Dame18Miami DolphinsGregory RousseauEDGEMiami19Washington Football TeamAlijah Vera-TuckerOLUSC20Chicago BearsGreg Newsome IICBNorthwestern21Indianapolis ColtsChristian DarrisawOTVirginia Tech22Tennessee TitansCaleb FarleyCBVirginia Tech23New York Jets (from SEA)Azeez OjulariEDGEGeorgia24Pittsburgh SteelersTeven JenkinsOTOklahoma State25Jacksonville Jaguars (from LAR)Trevon MoehrigSTCU26Cleveland BrownsJamin DavisLBKentucky27Baltimore RavensJayson OwehEDGEPenn State28New Orleans SaintsAsante SamuelCBFlorida State29Green Bay PackersLandon DickersonCAlabama30Buffalo BillsJoe TryonEDGEWashington31Kansas City ChiefsKelvin JosephCBKentucky32Tampa Bay BuccaneersElijah MooreWRMississippi


— Jared who? Jeremiah has the Lions selecting Ohio State passer with the No. 7 overall pick. Detroit, of course, traded Matthew Stafford for Jared Goff (and more) this offseason. The Goff Era in the Motor City might be over before it even begins.

— After letting All-Pro center Corey Linsley walk in free agency, the Packers reinforce the offensive line with Landon Dickerson at No. 29.

— Five is the magic number, as in five first-round QBs. Jeremiah takes it a step further: Five quarterbacks will be selected in the top 10, the first time that will have happened in NFL Draft history.