José Reyes brings nothing to abysmal Mets offense

Five years, three teams and one domestic violence-related suspension later, Jose Reyes is back with the team that made him his money.Despite earlier reports saying the Mets were steering clear of the maligned 33-year-old shortstop, New York and Reyes are in the process of making their reunion official Saturday, ESPN reports. The signing is indicative of one thing: The Mets are desperate for offense. SN EXCLUSIVE: Ranking baseball's 50 best playersThe numbers say it all. The Mets are 15th in hits, 14th in batting average and 13th in runs scored in the National League. In a mediocre June, they're one game under .500 through 21 games and have scored 73 runs and given up 74 in that span. With the NL East running hot and cold this season, the Mets are lucky enough to sit just three games back of first place.  However, make no mistake: Reyes is not the answer to the Mets' problems.Reyes' 2015 saw him hit .274 between the Blue Jays and the Rockies. While he hit .323 in home games at Coors Field, he hit .200 on the road, with a .516 OPS. Citi Field is predominantly a pitcher's park. MORE: The Rockies were right to cut ReyesWhile the move may get fans energized and possibly even a little nostalgic, asking a shortstop who's missed over 200 games in the last three seasons (including 2016) to fill the void left by David Wright is a bit of a reach, if nothing else. Wright and Reyes once were the cornerstones of the Mets' future as 22-year-old rising stars. That was 2005.Yes, Reyes does add some depth to the team. While not a great defender, he can play short or second, enabling Neil Walker to

head over to third base, which Wright vacated because of a herniated disk in his neck that could end his season. However, if Reyes does end up manning second base, the Mets shouldn't expect stellar defense. Never known as a great defender, Reyes has only played 352 innings at second base in his career — all in 2004, his sophomore year in the majors.MORE: Jose Reyes vows to be 'better man, husband'Maybe it's a move of desperation. Maybe the Mets saw something that made fiscal sense. In either case, if the Mets are expecting a big return out of Reyes, maybe those expectations should be tempered.