Paul George notches $7 million bonus with All-NBA selection


Paul George had a nice bonus attached to Wednesday's All-NBA third-team selection, one that is worth $7 million to the Indiana Pacers star, according to 

George, who signed a five-year, $90 million contract in the offseason, had a super-max provision called the "Derrick Rose Rule" included in his deal. The provision was activated when he made the second All-NBA team of his career. 

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Aware George could hit the provision, which can pay up to 30 percent of the team's payroll, the Pacers included it in the deal and limited it at 27 percent. The provision allows for a player on a max deal t

o hit a big raise if he wins MVP, notches two All-Star games or is picked to two All-NBA teams before the max contract starts.

George played at a $3.2 million salary this season and his new deal starts this summer. It is hard to know what George's final contract number will be at now, but the projected $63 million salary cap would mean a $97 million deal over the length of the five-year deal, notes.