Fatty acid has what effect to human body fatty acid and adipose have what concern

  • Fatty acid and adipose human body place needs, although be place,need but cannot exceed that range, so fatty acid has what effect to human body, fatty acid and adipose what concerns.

    What effect does fatty acid have to human body?

    1, be oxidized to generate carbon dioxide and water inside human body when fatty acid, when emiting certain quantity of heat, fatty acid is a kind of the sources of energy.

    2, fatty acid keep in storage is in adipose cell, with untimely needs of equipment human body.

    3, the raw material of the other compound that needs as place of synthetic human body, when adipose combustion, the quantity of heat that it can supply quite is about 37620 1000 anxious / gram. Accordingly, in our food, adipose be most food the sources of energy of concentration.

    Fatty acid and adipose have what concern

    Adipose decompose below the action of lipase, child is glycerine and fatty acid. The fatty acid that nature exists has 40 a variety of. Oneself of human body of a few kinds of fatty acid cannot be synthesized, must furnish by food, call indispensible fatty acid. Think before acid of linoleic acid, flax and earthnut 4 Xi are acerbity 3 kinds of this many not saturated fatty acid are indispensible fatty acid. In recent years research proves linoleic acid and flax are only acerbity is indispensible fatty acid, and 4 Xi acid can use earthnut linoleic acid 114夜网论坛is synthesized by human body oneself.

    Daily what food contains fatty acid tall

    The fatty acid in food basically has two kin[......]


    The bean curd that wrap an oar can be baked with microwave oven the practice that microwave oven bakes the bean curd that wrap an oar

  • The bean curd that wrap an oar is together very special fastfood, it is to be above common bean curd much make craft be made together, if we eat in the home at ordinary times, can bake with microwave oven directly actually, look to bake the practice of the bean curd that wrap an oar with microwave oven together below.

    Can be the bean curd that wrap an oar baked with microwave oven


    This dish must take the advantage of heat to eat but experience like oar water to be in the mouth the feeling of pop. Anxious fragrance of the surface, of bead of the bamboo shoot on collocation, green and chili acrimony and the flesh of ground meat is sweet, still have slightly ferment aroma. This dish became the indispensable dish when person of a lot of Sichuan nods barbecue to taste.

    Microwave oven bakes the practice of the bean curd that wrap an oar

    Measure 1:

    Feed material preparation. Bean curd rinses Lv water ahead of schedule. Dish bottom brushs an oil, bean curd is orderly put in dish.

    Measure 2:

    Put beautiful microwave oven, p80 firepower chooses 30 seconds 2 minutes, start. "Drop " sound is taken turn over a face to bite 1 minute again.

    Measure 3:

    The time preparation that microwave oven works is wet dip in water, the caraway, root that change side is abluent and mincing put bowl of juice of fermented bean curd in, add two spoon clean water, mix even.

    Measure 4:

    Deserve to go up dry wet two kinds dip in water, be perfect!

    Does bean curd of oar of the bag that bake want to wash

    The bean[......]


    What person cannot eat venison can venison eat every day

  • Everybody should have eaten rife meat in the life kind, so do you understand venison? Small today make up understand together with everybody, after all what person cannot eat venison, and can venison eat every day? Accordingly small make up us to learn together.

    What person cannot eat venison

    Irascibility is exuberant, gas heats up the person with little ferry, do not suit to eat, average person is OK edible. Fire of the gate of vitality declines, essence of life of deficiency of yang is short, lumbar backbone is cold painful patient, the can powerful body that the ordinary person feeds. Venison sex is lukewarm, flavour pleasant, the ursine filling the five internal organs, arteries and veins that move blood. " cure forest bun wants " call " filling taste, beneficial enrages blood, accessorial the gate of vitality, * beneficial essence, warm waist kidney. " " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " call " raise blood, treat out-of-the-way of monarch of postpartum wind empty. " assist with big jujube, filling taste, tone battalion is defended, give birth to body fluid. Can treat caustic of empty of the five internal organs.

    Can venison eat every day

    Can, venison is extremely tall game, the flesh is qualitative beauty of delicate, flavour, lean lean much, connective tissue is little, can cook a variety of cooked food. Venison contains richer protein, adipose, inorganic salt, candy and the vitamin that measure certainly, and be digested to absorb by human body easily. Sex[......]


    Potherb mustard is poisonous does potherb mustard want scald water

  • Potherb mustard does not have poison, no matter be the fresh potherb mustard that still has bloated,do not have poison, everybody can be at ease eat, the potherb mustard that just did not handle good may be contained acrid or piquancy, because before everybody eats, this proposal had better be scald,enter the water.

    Potherb mustard is poisonous

    Without poison.

    Potherb mustard is the mutation of leaf mustardleaf mustard, very common in the life, not only without noxiousness, still contain the nurture such as protein, vitamin, mineral, prandial fiber to pledge, have higher nutrient value, fresh potherb mustard can be fried feed, cold and dressed with sause, bright fragrance is beautiful, get of everybody love. Additional, fresh potherb mustard should have scald water before the fried dish, because its contain much mustard oil, have distinctive sweet piquancy, scald water can reduce the acrid, piquancy of fresh potherb mustard.

    Does potherb mustard want scald water

    Want scald water.

    Fresh potherb mustard has a piquancy, its piquancy can be reduced after scald water, and fresh potherb mustard resembles potherb same, not delicious, can have compared in mouthfeel after scald water, cannot eat to want hotly to shift to an earlier date scald water, because the piquancy of arise suddenly also can grab throat, and the mouthfeel before he does not have scald water and potherb are same, the mouthfeel after scald crosses water also is done not have so hard, tender still tender, very fresh.[......]


    What is red three-colored amaranth red three-colored amaranth has what nutrition value

  • Everybody should have heard in the life rife is vegetable, so do you understand red three-colored amaranth? Small today make up understand together with everybody, after all what is red three-colored amaranth, and what nutrition value does red three-colored amaranth have? Accordingly small make up us to learn together.

    What is red three-colored amaranth?

    A kind of natural pigment is contained in three-colored amaranth, call three-colored amaranth red, in vacuole of consist in cell. The chloroplast in the cell is green, because content is high, so green masked red, the unripe three-colored amaranth that see shows bottle green. Place of as above face says, quantity of heat destroyed cellular film and wall, disintegrate chloroplast, destroyed the structure of chlorophyll, also make the red in vacuole oozy. So three-colored amaranth also calls Gong Jian dish.

    Red three-colored amaranth has what nutrition value

    Contain a lot ofin red three-colored amaranth protein, adipose. Carbohydrate and a variety of vitamins and mineral, the protein that its contain compares milk more can sufficient be absorbed by human body, what contain carotene 2 times taller than eggplant fruit above, can provide rich nutrient material for human body, be helpful for improving the health, enhance the immune power of airframe, have " macrobian dish " say. Red three-colored amaranth can have the effect of very good compensatory nutriment, carrot is more, can have the very good effect that enhances immune power[......]


    Snacks beans does him to do delicious sauce spicy beans to work how to be done delicious

  • Fabaceous doing has those who do dish to eat not only, at ordinary times there also is a beans to work in snacks, what beans is dry have different brand, so snacks beans does him how to be done delicious, sauce spicy beans works how to be done delicious, will look.

    Does snacks beans do him how to be done delicious?

    Prepare gourmet powder, chinese toon, ginger man, cassia bark, soy, refined salt, soya bean.

    1, clean soya bean clean first, immerse one evening, its wear soya-bean milk, fecal filter, put boil inside boiler, the water with right amount rejoin, can achieve effect of attenuant soya-bean milk so, when thermal drop is controlled to 90 Celsius to 80 Celsius, can nod an oar with bittern, the agitate that certain otherwise breaks, but scarcely can be careless agitate, when grain of size of occurrence sesame seed when, can stop, the cap on the lid awaits half hour to control.

    2, when the thermal drop of the oar is controlled to 70 Celsius when, can begin to go up bag, before be being wrapped on, should delimit bean curd broken, even booth is above bag cloth, the product that such doing come out is met more close together, the shop that wrap cloth is above case board, add jellied bean curd on bag cloth again next, an accretion, plunge into it again next close pressurization shapes, probably 60 minutes or so can tear open bag cloth come down, cut it into grid shape, immerse take out after half hour.

    3, put refined salt mix is even among clear water, put smoked bean curd to[......]


    Sunflower seed is come from where portion of wh what month of general sunflower seed matures

  • Everybody should have heard of rife food in the life, so do you understand sunflower seed? Small today make up understand together with everybody, after all sunflower seed is come from where, and is portion of wh what month of general sunflower seed mature? Accordingly small make up us to learn together.

    Sunflower seed is come from where

    Sunflower seed is the fructification of helianthus. Helianthus belongs to composite helianthus to belong to. For annual herb. Alias sunflower, the chrysanthemum of passionflower, a unit of length, flower that greet this world makes wait again on our country ancient books, the sun calls the flower in Europe, return some countries to call the sun grass, turn flower of day of lotus, rising sun. Helianthus produces ministry of North America southwest formerly, it is feral originally kind, view and admire via helping advance somebody's career after, pervade quickly world each district, europe is passed into at the beginning of 16 centuries.

    Portion of wh what month of general sunflower seed is mature

    Sunflower seed is in 7-9 month matures commonly. Specific and mature time treats natural environment condition even, if lack water, mature early; And the place is different, mature time is different also, month of northeast area 9-10 is mature. Can collect after sunflo114夜网论坛wer seed is mature closed, collect the insolation after closing to save can.

    Can unripe sunflower seed eat

    Can eat raw, many not saturated fatty acid, protein, Potassium, phosphor, iron, ca[......]


    What is cashew eat cashew to have what profit

  • Everybody should have heard of rife disease in the life, so do you understand cashew? Small today make up understand together with e114夜网论坛verybody, after all what is cashew, and eat cashew what to profit there is? Accordingly small make up us to learn together.

    What is cashew

    Cashew is division of suborder of impunity specific item, lacquer tree, lacquer tree, cashew a group of things with common features, cashew belong to Chang Luqiao wood or undershrub, the bine is erect, individual plant is expensive 4 ~ 10 meters, long rod is shown cinnamon, and above do not have wool almost, long leaf submits egg form, tip circle, base ministry broad wedge, the flower that leave shows yellow, inflorescence bounty, have many ramose, the platoon becomes umbrella room state, there is fluff outside calyx, leaf is shown linear wrap around needle form, have stamen and gynoecium, there are the floret medicine of egg circle and the ovary of circle pouring egg inside, the fruit of the knot submits kidney form, two side are flat pressure, base the ministry has peg-top pseudocarp, amaranth is shown when maturity, chairman gives the seed of kidney form below, the cashew that in living namely, we eat. Cashew is a kind of nut.

    Eat cashew to have what profit

    1, diuresis drops in temperature

    Micturition is helpful for in the part that cashew place contains, still can drop in temperature.

    2, connect galactic

    Cashew still has the effect that urges breast, be beneficial to the woman with postpartum insufficient lact[......]


    Why should evaporate crab want bubble with crab of beer beer bubble how long

  • Crab is the sea product that a lot of people like, the metropolis when crab of evaporate of a lot of families adds beer or be other cooking wine, so why should evaporate crab use beer, beer bubble crab wants bubble how long.

    Why should evaporate crab use beer?

    Go raw meat or fish, antiseptic. Crab is the biology in the water in a kind of long-term life, the bacterium that certain amount carries more or less on the body and microbial, and the alcohol that certain amount contains in beer, can help crab purify fishy smell and have certain and antiseptic effect, have certain help to human body health.

    Beer bubble crab wants bubble how long

    The specific size that inspects crab and calm. Below normal circumstance, the time control of beer evaporate crab is better in 15-20 left and right sides, crab is in this time paragraph inside basically OK evaporate is ripe, the crab of moderate volume enters boiler hind in cold water, probably it is good that evaporate is controlled 15 minutes, build is bigger, one exceed 4 only of two, need evaporate 20 minutes or so.

    How to use beer evaporate crab

    Material: Oil of Chi of fish of crab, beer, evaporate, mature vinegar, ginger, green.

    1, crab uses little brush, scrub reserves completely.

    2, Jiang Pi is cut, green is cut paragraph, add oil of evaporate fish Chi, 114夜网论坛mature vinegar agitate is become equably dip in juice.

    3, in putting crab recipient next, had done not have a crab into beer, immerse 5 minutes.

    4, later Duan Hejiang skin puts onion into[......]


    Evaporate water chestnut wants how long water chestnut is evaporate still be to had been boiled very

  • What water chestnut sees outside now is less, the carapace of water chestnut is black, very hard, it is OK also that water chestnut can be eaten raw ripe eat, so evaporate water chestnut wants how long, water chestnut is evaporate still be to had been114夜网论坛 boiled very.

    Does evaporate water chestnut want how long?

    Water chestnut is general evaporate 10-15 minute, if be,the word with high-pressured boiler can reduce time appropriately. Go to the lavatory with high-pressured boiler evaporate fast. The expiration period of the water chestnut with ripe evaporate 10 arrive 15 days. But the water chestnut with ripe evaporate cannot hm, must air of exterior moisture content, with hop-pocket sanded perhaps in bags makes water chestnut surface ventilated go.

    Water chestnut is evaporate still be to had been boiled very

    OK, those who treat an individual love. Water chestnut can take the steam of housing, also need not take the steam of housing, namely rice of evaporate water chestnut. Evaporate is worn if eating, between take time, cost firewood, and taste is as good as what boil also not how many. So water chestnut is normally take case boil, thoroughlied cook rind, have water chestnut rice. Become the word of dish, after be being thoroughlied cook, rind, have culinary art with water chestnut rice and other dish.

    Eat water chestnut to have what contraindication

    1, dysenteric patient avoid feeds water chestnut water chestnut more renown water chestnut, Shui Ling, Shui Li, it is autumn a kind of[......]